14. februar 2022

Electronics engineer for design of research equipment

Electronics engineer:

The workshop at the Niels Bohr Institute seeks an electronics design engineer to help develop and support a diverse range of experimental research activities.

The Workshop at the Niels Bohr Institute

Who are we

The Niels Bohr Institute is an internationally renowned research institute at the University of Copenhagen (UCPH) consisting of about 350 staff members and many students.The workshop is managed by NBI and supports several other institutes at UCPH with mechanical and electronics engineering in fields such as physics, chemistry, biology, biomedicine, human physiology, sports and neuroscience.

The job ”What you can’t buy”  

You will be involved in designing new advanced research equipment and perform service and repair on existing instruments, often in cross disciplinary collaboration between mechanics and electronics. Some projects are large, with a duration of several years while others last from a few days to a few months. We are currently involved, for example, in the design of drilling equipment for ice core drilling projects in Greenland and Antarctica as well as detector design and testing for CERN experiments. There is, however, a large span of researchers and students that you will support with electronics assistance ranging from e.g. low temperature solid state physics to quantum computing, astronomy, biology, chemistry and sports science.

A broad knowledge of electronics design and instrumentation is therefore needed to provide a good foundation for building specialized equipment in diverse areas. Good collaboration skills and the ability the delegate tasks are essential to support your colleges in a joint team effort.

Participation in field trips are possible in order to support projects like the ice core drilling and the CERN experiments. A desire to participate in fieldwork both in arctic regions and abroad is needed.

It would be a benefit but not a requirement if you have knowledge with some of the professional qualifications listed below. 

Personal and professional qualifications

  • BSc or higher in Electronics engineering
  • Self-motivating personality with high personal drive, commitment, and initiative
  • Willingness to share knowledge and teach others
  • Proficiency in English
  • Ability to work well in an academic environment
  • Creative and easygoing personality
  • Expertise with microcontrollers (STM32, Arduino, PIC, Raspberry PI)
  • Ultra-low noise and low drift analog circuit design
  • PCB layout (Altium)
  • Motor controls (Brushless DC, steppers etc)
  • Sensor systems integration
  • Data acquisition and control
  • Experience with design and testing of digital circuit boards with FPGAs
  • Win/Linux/Python/C software, Labview knowledge
  • Meticulous in writing documentation and test reports
  • Updated knowledge of forefront electronics

The application must include the following documents:

  • Current CV
  • Motivation letter describing background experience, expertise, and interests
  • Other relevant documents

Terms of appointments and payment

  • The employment is permanent and scheduled to start 1’st of May 2022, or upon agreement with the chosen candidate.
  • Salary, pension and terms of employment are in accordance with the provisions of the collective agreement between the Danish Government and AC (the Danish Confederation of Professional Associations). In addition to the basic salary a monthly contribution to a pension fund is added (17.1% of the salary).
  • The base salary depends on seniority. A supplement will be negotiated, depending on experience and qualifications.

Further information

You can find further information on our NBI website: www.nbi.ku.dk and the workshops website: https://nbi.ku.dk/english/research_infrastructure/workshops/

Should you have any questions you are welcome to contact:

  • Claus B. Sørensen (Head of technical Support) Phone: 2875 0449, Email: cbs@nbi.ku.dk
  • Dennis Wistisen (Workshop Team Manager) Phone: 2480 5217, Email: wistisen@nbi.ku.dk

How to apply

Your application must be submitted electronically via our website: https://employment.ku.dk/staff/

The deadline for applications is Monday 21 March 2022, 23:59 GMT+1. 

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