Niels Bohr celebrations in 2022

By celebrating the 100th anniversary of the Niels Bohr Institute -  and the 100th anniversary of the first Danish Nobel Prize in Physics, awarded to Niels Bohr in 1922 - we wish to pay tribute to Niels Bohr and his legacy. The Niels Bohr Institute continues to honour Bohr's spirit by maintaining a unique research environment in many different research areas, where international collaboration is in focus.

In addition, we at NBI wish to focus on the importance of physics and its impact on our society. It is our hope that politicians, the media, children and young people, parents and companies alike, will realize the significance that physics continues to have today.

Our goals with the celebrations are:

  • to pay tribute to Niels Bohr's life, work, and legacy
  • to increase public awareness of the contributions of physics to our society, and its role in meeting the challenges of the future
  • to spread knowledge about the fascinating research that takes place at NB

See photos from the big event at Copenhagen City Hall on March 3, 2022

Read more about the history behind the Niels Bohr Institute and the Nobel Prize he was awarded for his contribution to physics, which is the focal point during the celebrations, below. Read also about the ScienceYear22 initiative.