In Niels Bohr’s Footsteps

Tour of Blegdamsvej 17

The Niels Bohr Archive will be arranging public tours of the institute’s famous buildings at Blegdamsvej 17 in Copenhagen. The tour will include Auditorium A, Niels Bohr’s office, the archive, and a modern quantum physics laboratory.

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Niels Bohrs arbejdsværelse


Unity of Knowledge

City Tours

Local tours following in Niels Bohr’s footsteps will be arranged in 2022. Important buildings and places related to Niels Bohr’s life and important scientific discoveries will be part of the tour.


Photograph exhibit on the book Unity of Knowledge

(in planning phase)

As a follow-up to the book Unity of Knowledge (see Books above), an exhibit is planned with photos from the book, shown around Copenhagen and the vicinity.

Exhibit on Niels Bohr’s life and work

An exhibit on Niels Bohr’s life and work – currently in the early planning stages.