Unity of Knowledge

Unity of Knowledge

Unity of Knowledge is a portrait of the Niels Bohr Institute in the form of a scrapbook/photo album. Researchers from around the world have met to collaborate at the Niels Bohr Institute since its very beginning in the 1920’s. With color photos from the present time, black/white photos from the Niels Bohr Archives, quotes, and collages, the book portrays the curiosity and openness that continue to be driving forces at the institute.

The book is published by Strandberg Publishing in cooperation with Niels Bohr Institute, sculptor Rikke Raben, photographer Anne Prytz Schaldemose, and with a foreword by author Peter Høeg.

More about the book here at Strandberg Publishing (in danish) >>

Bog: Niels Bohr som del af danske børns almendannelse – Et nationalt projekt Book: Niels Bohr as part of Danish children's general education - A national project

In danish: Niels Bohr som del af danske børns almendannelse – Et nationalt projekt 

Description: In a collaboration with Forlaget Epsilon and the Energy Museum at Bjerringbro, NBI wants to focus on Niels Bohr and the significance of his discovery today by, for free, distributing a small book about Niels Bohr to all students in 4th grade throughout Denmark, i.e. 70,000 children and their families. The book will be distributed to all schools in Denmark and distributed to students in November 2021. The books are the students' private property that they can take home.

Fakta om bogen: Vild med Viden nr. 63, Niels Bohr – Danmarks største videnskabsmand, forfatter Jytte Thorndal, ISBN:  978-87-93064-63-8. Vejledende udsalgspris pr. stk. 25,00 kr. inkl. moms.



Forskningsglimt (Gamma Rays) – in Danish

Forskningsglimt is an anthology of research at the Niels Bohr Institute in the year 2022, providing insight into the essential questions currently occupying our physicists, and presenting the present state of physics research. The book begins

with a retrospective of Niels Bohr and the birth of quantum physics. Each chapter provides unique insight into the many ground breaking fields of physics that the institute houses. 

The book is published by Strandberg Publishing in cooperation with the Niels Bohr Institute.

Hvad skal vi med Videnskaben, en bog af Anja C. AndersenWhat are we going to do with science 

Hvad skal vi med videnskaben (in danish)

"What are we going to do with science" is a debate book about the role and significance of science written by Anja C. Andersen and published by Informations Forlag in the series Modern Ideas.

In the book, Anja C. Andersen reflects on the population's understanding of the importance of research in the light of an ongoing pandemic and above for a growing problem of misinformation and fake news. In addition, the importance of basic research is debated in depth and the importance of a basic understanding among the population as well as among decision-makers about how scientific advances emerge.

Anja C. Andersen is a researcher, astrophysicist and professor of public understanding of science and technology at the Niels Bohr Institute. She has received numerous awards for her research and dissemination.

Read more about the book at 'Informations Forlag' here: Hvad skal vi med videnskaben? af Anja C. Andersen – Informations BUTIK


Almanakken 2021Københavns Universitets Almanak  (University of Copenhagen Almanac)

Københavns Universitets Almanak has come out every year for 530 years! It is the oldest publication still actively in print in Denmark, and is among some of the oldest publications in the world. In 2022, the articles in the almanac will focus on different aspects of Niels Bohr’s life.