29 January 2010

Johan Fynbo receives the NBI Education Award

Astrophysicist Johan Fynbo receives the award as educator of the year at the Niels Bohr Institute. He teaches the course the ’Galaxy formation and chemical evolution’, which is part the master’s programme in Astronomy. 

The course aims at current research, but in order to gain the necessary overview it alternates between basic topics and current scientific research. 

Johan Fynbo’s teaching is distinguished by its variety and by discussions, characterized by an openness and curiosity, which the students find exceptional.

Typical comments from students:
”Interesting topic and a really good and clear organisation of the course...”

”I really like the informal structure of student presentations and discussions in the class, instead of the usual lectures...and Johan’s sense of humour.

”Student presentations and discussions mixed with the usual lectures work really well, rather than only having lectures. Updates on the newest research in the field – both through lectures and recent articles”.

”The exercises were simple and still very instructive. I learned a lot from the exercises even though they were not very difficult and that was really good. The lectures were not just one-way. There was an opportunity to ask questions and discuss the texts and sometimes Johan Fynbo had very interesting comments. It was a good way to have a course”.

The prize of educator of the year at the Niels Bohr Institute comes with 10.000 kr.