Bendix Lab:

Experimental Biophysics & Optical Manipulation

We investigate the physical properties of both living cells and soft matter using an array of optical and micromanipulation approaches including optical tweezers, thermoplasmonics and micromanipulation.

We employ methods from physical chemistry, nanoscience and advanced imaging to investigate biological specimens ranging in size from molecular scales to macroscopic embryos and cancer spheroids. 




































































































































































































































































































































































































































































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Arastoo, Mohammadreza Research Assistant Billede af Arastoo, Mohammadreza
Bendix, Pól Martin Group Leader Associate Professor, Group Leader Billede af Bendix, Pól Martin
Brown, Stanley Postdoc Billede af Brown, Stanley
Danielsen, Helena Maria Dávidsdóttir PhD Fellow Billede af Danielsen, Helena Maria Dávidsdóttir
Jauffred, Liselotte Associate Professor Billede af Jauffred, Liselotte
Leijnse, Natascha Research Assistant post doc. Billede af Leijnse, Natascha
West, Ann-Katrine Vransø Postdoc Billede af West, Ann-Katrine Vransø
von Borries, Mads Kasper PhD Fellow Billede af von Borries, Mads Kasper

Master/undergraduate students

Navn Titel Telefon E-mail
Victoria Thusgaard Ruhoff  MSc student +45 20300765

Mireia Cordero

 MSc student
Alba Garzía Vásquez  MSc student

Other/visiting staff

Navn Titel Telefon E-mail
Paul Rammer Molecular Biologist
Anne Sofie Busk Heitmann PhD studerende
Alexander Kamp-Sonne PhD-studerende
Yue He PhD-studerende

Experimental Biophysics Lab

We have a number of research facilities which we would also like to use for Research collaboration internationally, Industrial collaboration and Student projects.

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