9 September 2020

LINX – Linking Industry to Neutrons and X-rays


The LINX project is a collaboration between three major Danish universities (the Technical University of Denmark, the University of Aarhus, and the University of Copenhagen) and a number of industry partners.


At the University of Copenhagen, we perform small-angle X-ray and neutron scattering measurements using our facilities at the Niels Bohr Institute and at large-scale facilities in Europe and farther afield.

The goal is to create an ecosystem that ensures that Danish companies can make best use of advanced X-ray and neutron technologies to the fullest, especially as MAX IV, the ESS, and European XFEL are coming online in the near future, and ultimately use the advanced experimental techniques to create innovation and growth in Denmark.

The LINX project is funded by Innovation Fund Denmark with further sponsorship by the Confederation of Danish Industry, The Capital Region of Denmark, and Central Denmark Region. The project runs 2016-2021 with a total budget of about 80 million DKK. The partners have formed the LINX Association to ensure the continuation of the LINX collaboration when the public funding runs out.

As part of the LINX project we wish to expand the use of neutron and X-ray methods in industry, so if your company has a problem that you think could be investigated with neutrons or x-rays, please contact us for a discussion of the possibilities.

If you are a student, who would like to do a project with a company, using neutrons or x-rays, please come talk to us. Our work covers many areas within condensed matter physics, biophysics, and materials chemistry.

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Biomodics logo

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