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The Niels Bohr Institute is located on 6 addresses

Niels Bohr InstituteLink to the Niels Bohr Institute on Google Maps

Blegdamsvej 17 (on map)
2100 Copenhagen
Phone: 35 32 52 09
Fax: 35 32 50 16

Research in biophysics, quantum physics, eScience, particle physics and cosmology. Part of the central administration is placed here. 

If you are interested in a guided historical tour at the institute, please contact Rob Sunderland ( at the Niels Bohr Archive or read more here:

Link to the mechanical and electronics workshops Institute on Google MapsMechanical and electronics workshops

Universitetsparken 4 (på kort)
Bygning 24 og 25 
2100 København Ø.
Phone: +45 35 32 04 49

The mechanical workshop is a joint facility located at Science servicing the Department of Biology, Department of Chemistry and The Niels Bohr Institute. The electronics workshop is a NBI facility but we will be happy to assist other institutes with minor tasks by appointment. Read more about the Mechanical and electronics workshops >>

Niels Bohr BuildingLink to Niels Bohr Building on Google Maps

Jagtvej 155 (on map)
2200 Copenhagen N.
Phone: 44 22 45 81

Research in Astrophysics and Theoretical Condensed Matter Physics.

Tagensvej (Ice and Climate)Link to Tagensvej 16 on Google Maps

Tagensvej 16 (on map)
2200 København N.

Research in Physics of Ice Climate and Earth.

H.C. Ørsted Institute (building 3)Link to the H. C. Ørsted building on Google Maps

Universitetsparken 5 (on map)
2100 Copenhagen Ø.
Phone: 35 32 04 38
Fax: 35 32 04 60

Research in Nanophysics and Quantum Physics.

Geological MuseumLink to the Geological Museum on Google Maps

Øster Voldgade 5-7, 2. sal (on map)
1350 Copenhagen K.
Phone: 35 33 43 96

Research in Astrophysics and Planetery Science.