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Experimental Particle Physics

How was the universe created, which inflation scenario played out in the first split second, what happened during the quark-gluon plasma era? What is the source of the mass spectrum of fundamental particles of matter and forces? These are some of the questions particle physicists are looking for answers to.

The Particle Physicists work with the build up of matter in the early universe. They are searching for an explanation as to what the universe's smallest components were composed of in the first milliseconds after the Big Bang 14 billion years ago and what forces held them together.














































































































































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Andersson, Sarah Emilia Student Assistant   E-mail
Bearden, Ian Professor +4535337626 E-mail
Boiarska, Iryna Enrolled PhD Student +4535326491 E-mail
Bøggild, Hans Associate Professor Emeritus +4535325286 E-mail
Camplani, Alessandra Assistant Professor +4535334733 E-mail
Christensen, Christian Holm Special Consultant +4524618591 E-mail
Dam, Mogens Associate Professor +4535325385 E-mail
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Dufke, Laura Marie Master Student   E-mail
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Fuglsang, Laura Kristine Belling Instructor   E-mail
Gaardhøje, Jens Jørgen Professor +4535325309 E-mail
Gulbrandsen, Kristjan Herlache Associate Professor +4535325351 E-mail
Guttesen, Freja Liebach PhD Fellow +4535331093 E-mail
Hansen, John Renner Professor +4535332001 E-mail
Hansen, Jørgen Beck Associate Professor +4535325443 E-mail
Hansen, Jørn Dines Emeritus +4535325293 E-mail
Hansen, Peter Henrik Professor Emeritus +4535325394 E-mail
Jia, Shihai Enrolled PhD Student   E-mail
Karstensen, Benjamin Simon Master Student   E-mail
Larsen, Nikolaj Aagaard Instructor   E-mail
Mead, James Vincent Postdoc +4535321507 E-mail
Michelsen, Christian Stentoft PhD Fellow +4535330891 E-mail
Mielke, Adam Guest Researcher   E-mail
Moravcova, Zuzana PhD Fellow +4535326657 E-mail
Mortensen, Anders Sandermann Master Student   E-mail
Møller, Ian Pascal Master Student   E-mail
Nielsen, Børge Svane Associate Professor +4535325433 E-mail
Nielsen, Emil Gorm PhD Fellow +4535335384 E-mail
Petersen, Nanna Hofgård Master Student   E-mail
Petersen, Troels Christian Associate Professor +4526283739 E-mail
Rasmussen, Nicolas Tschorn Master Student   E-mail
Ruchayskiy, Oleg Associate Professor +4535333380 E-mail
Sarkar, Debojit Postdoc +4535328518 E-mail
Simeonov, Radoslav Rosenov Enrolled PhD Student   E-mail
Sletten, Geirr Associate Professor Emeritus +4535325444 E-mail
Stuttard, Thomas Simon Guest Researcher   E-mail
Søgaard, Andreas Postdoc   E-mail
Thøgersen, Magnus Student Assistant   E-mail
Timiryasov, Inar Postdoc +4535325403 E-mail
Urquía Calderón, Kevin Alberto PhD Fellow +4535325418 E-mail
Vasudevan, Anagha PhD Student   E-mail
Vinding, Malene Emilie Maar Research Secretary +4535325355 E-mail
Wiglesworth, Graig Assistant Professor +4535328023 E-mail
Wu, Wenya PhD Student   E-mail
Xella, Stefania Associate Professor +4535325329 E-mail
Yu, Zhi PhD Student   E-mail
Zhao, Mingrui PhD Student   E-mail
Zhou, You Associate Professor +4535331282 E-mail

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