Physics of Ice, Climate and Earth

The section for the Physics of Ice, Climate and Earth at the Niels Bohr Institute studies the elements of the Earth and climate system – the atmosphere, oceans, ice sheets and glaciers, sea ice, and the solid Earth itself – and the interactions between them.
Research in Physics of Ice, Climate and Earth at the Niels Bohr Institute. Research in Physics of Ice, Climate and Earth at the Niels Bohr Institute. Research in Physics of Ice, Climate and Earth at the Niels Bohr Institute. Research in Physics of Ice, Climate and Earth at the Niels Bohr Institute. Research in Physics of Ice, Climate and Earth at the Niels Bohr Institute. Research in Physics of Ice, Climate and Earth at the Niels Bohr Institute. Forskning i Is, Klima og Geofysik på Niels Bohr Instutet. Research in Physics of Ice, Climate and Earth at the Niels Bohr Institute.






















The diverse research in the section Physics of Ice, Climate and Earth is funded by the Niels Bohr Institute and a number of grants from both public and private foundations in Denmark and abroad.

List of current projects:

  • Beyond EPICA Oldest Ice
  • ChronoClimate
  • Critical Earth
  • EastGRIP
  • EUCP
  • GIOS
  • GreenlandRoverProject
  • GreenPlanning
  • Highest resolution trace gas measurements from ice
  • History of temperature changes in Greenland
  • IceFlow
  • Isaaffik
  • LOCRETA Seismic modelling and optimal inversion
  • Methane emissions resulting from rapid climate change
  • NextGEMS (Next Generation Earth Modelling Systems)
  • Ocean Turbulence, Boundary Conditions and Climate
  • Old Noble
  • Outcrop Analog Studies of Chalk
  • OXYPRO (OXYgen PROductivity)
  • Probabilistic approach for risk assessment of CO2 Storage
  • Resprob Probabilistic Geomodelling of Groundwater Resources
  • Rogue Waves in the North Sea (2018-2021)
  • The whisper of ancient air bubbles in polar ice
  • TiPES

Read more about current projects or former projects here.




































































































































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High school classes and other groups can request a visit at the section. The most common topic is climate change with focus on ice-core science, but other topics are possible.

Please fill in the form in Danish or write an e-mail to the section secretary at

Web pages, movies, popular science papers about our research

Under Research you will find A lot of the section’s ice-core-based climate research described for non-specialists. You can also find information about our available high-school projects “studieretningsprojekter”. Finally, we provide a list of popular science texts in Danish.

Frozen Annals

Willi Dansgaard founded the world’s first research group focused on climate research based on ice-core analysis (read a short version of the background story here).

After his retirement in 1992, Willi Dansgaard wrote an autobiograhic book in Danish, Grønland i Istid og Nutid (Rhodos, 2000, ISBN 8772457996). It is available for download here (note the file size: ~180 MB) Later, he compiled an English version, Frozen Annals, which focuses more on the scientific part of the story. The book can be downloaded here as a pdf file or viewed online here (opens in a new window)



















Section for the Physics of Ice, Climate and Earth (PICE)
Niels Bohr Institute
University of Copenhagen
Tagensvej 16
Fax: +45 35 32 06 21 no.: 29979812
General inquiries and press contact: 

Contact persons:
Section leader: Thomas Blunier
Deputy section leader: Jørgen Peder Steffensen
Section secretary (web, communication, guests): Louise Klinge Wejlemand
Section secretary (finance): Ellen Chrillesen
Inquiries about EastGRIP field work: Marie Kirk and Iben Koldtoft

School and high school visits: See the “outreach” tab above.


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Aksel Walløe Hansen Associate Professor Emeritus Billede af Aksel Walløe Hansen
Alexander Baklanov Affiliate Professor Billede af Alexander Baklanov
Anders Svensson Associate Professor Billede af Anders Svensson
Anna Poltronieri Visiting PhD Student Billede af Anna Poltronieri
Aslak Grinsted Associate Professor Billede af Aslak Grinsted
Bo Møllesøe Vinther Associate Professor Billede af Bo Møllesøe Vinther
Casper Dahl Sand Industrial Technician Trainee Billede af Casper Dahl Sand
Christine Schøtt Hvidberg Professor Billede af Christine Schøtt Hvidberg
Chuncheng Guo Guest Researcher Billede af Chuncheng Guo
Claus Birger Sørensen Engineer Billede af Claus Birger Sørensen
David Armond Lilien External Billede af David Armond Lilien
David Trads Journalist Billede af David Trads
Dina Rapp PhD Fellow Billede af Dina Rapp
Dorthe Dahl-Jensen Professor Billede af Dorthe Dahl-Jensen
Eigil Kaas Professor Billede af Eigil Kaas
Eirini Malegiannaki PhD Fellow Billede af Eirini Malegiannaki
Eliza Cook Assistant Professor Billede af Eliza Cook
Ellen Emme Chrillesen Secretary Billede af Ellen Emme Chrillesen
Emy Maria Karin Alerskans PhD Student Billede af Emy Maria Karin Alerskans
Fyntan Shaw Guest Researcher Billede af Fyntan Shaw
Gary Shaffer Emeritus Billede af Gary Shaffer
Grant Boeckmann Engineer Billede af Grant Boeckmann
Guido Vettoretti Postdoc Billede af Guido Vettoretti
Helle Astrid Kjær Project Coordinator Billede af Helle Astrid Kjær
Henrik Park Preisler Doctor Billede af Henrik Park Preisler
Henrik Prætorius Journalist Billede af Henrik Prætorius
Iben Koldtoft Coordinator Billede af Iben Koldtoft
Ivanka M Orozova Bekkevold External Postdoc Billede af Ivanka M Orozova Bekkevold
J M De Sacadura Botte Corte-Real Attendant Billede af J M De Sacadura Botte Corte-Real
Jade Omotoyosi Nina Brauns PhD Fellow Billede af Jade Omotoyosi Nina Brauns
James Emil Avery Associate Professor Billede af James Emil Avery
Jens Hesselbjerg Christensen Professor Billede af Jens Hesselbjerg Christensen
Ji Woong Yang Postdoc Billede af Ji Woong Yang
Jia-mei Lin Enrolled PhD Student Billede af Jia-mei Lin
Johannes Jakob Lohmann Assistant Professor Billede af Johannes Jakob Lohmann
Julien Westhoff Postdoc Billede af Julien Westhoff
Jørgen Peder Steffensen Professor Billede af Jørgen Peder Steffensen
Kasper Skjold Tølløse Industrial PhD Billede af Kasper Skjold Tølløse
Kevin Amtoft Christensen Chef Billede af Kevin Amtoft Christensen
Klaus Mosegaard Professor Billede af Klaus Mosegaard
Kolja Leon Kypke PhD Fellow Billede af Kolja Leon Kypke
Lamees Refat M Felemban PhD Student Billede af Lamees Refat M Felemban
Louise Klinge Wejlemand Research Secretary Billede af Louise Klinge Wejlemand
Maria Caso Bramsen Research Secretary Billede af Maria Caso Bramsen
Marie Kirk Coordinator Billede af Marie Kirk
Markus Jochum Professor Billede af Markus Jochum
Marta Agnieszka Mrozowska PhD Fellow Billede af Marta Agnieszka Mrozowska
Meg Harlan Visiting PhD Student Billede af Meg Harlan
Michael Döring Postdoc Billede af Michael Döring
Michael Nathaniel Dyonisius Postdoc Billede af Michael Nathaniel Dyonisius
Miguel Moreno PhD Fellow Billede af Miguel Moreno
Mikkel Langgaard Lauritzen PhD Fellow Billede af Mikkel Langgaard Lauritzen
Mohammad Youssof Guest Researcher Billede af Mohammad Youssof
Nicholas Mossor Rathmann Postdoc Billede af Nicholas Mossor Rathmann
Niels Fabrin Nymand PhD Fellow Billede af Niels Fabrin Nymand
Nils Bochow External, Ph.d Student Billede af Nils Bochow
Peter Ditlevsen Professor Billede af Peter Ditlevsen
Peter Valentin Ukkonen PhD Student Billede af Peter Valentin Ukkonen
Rikke Raben External Billede af Rikke Raben
Roman Nuterman Laboratory Coordinator Billede af Roman Nuterman
Sepp Kipfstuhl External Consultant Billede af Sepp Kipfstuhl
Sune Olander Rasmussen Associate Professor Billede af Sune Olander Rasmussen
Susanne Munk Andersen Project Coordinator Billede af Susanne Munk Andersen
Tamara Annina Gerber Postdoc Billede af Tamara Annina Gerber
Thea Quistgaard Research Assistant Billede af Thea Quistgaard
Thomas Blunier Professor Billede af Thomas Blunier
Thomas Hedegaard Research Technician. Billede af Thomas Hedegaard
Toby Alexander Elton Brunt Project Finance Administrator Billede af Toby Alexander Elton Brunt
Vasileios Gkinis Associate Professor Billede af Vasileios Gkinis


Name Title E-mail Picture
Anna Ida Katharina Kirchner MSc. student
Anna Maria Klüssendorf MSc. student

Anna Puggaard MSc. student

Astrid Mørkholt Toft BSc. student

Bérénice Ferrand Intern

Elise Pedersen BSc. student

Elloise Jensen Fangel-Lloyd MSc. student

Emily Wilbur MSc. student
Helene Pehrsson MSc. student
Jon Arrizabalaga MSc. student
Jonas Durnonville de la Cour MSc. student
Katharina Scheidt MSc. student
Klaus Ortving Lindholmer MSc. student
Lana Zupancic MSc. student
Mads Andersen MSc. student

Magnus Quaade Oddershede BSc. Student

Magnus Quedde Oddershede
Marie Cecilie Boysen Msc. student

Marie Cecilie Boysen
Nanna Nielsen BSc. student
Peter Bagnegaard MSc. student
Rasmus Ranum Hansen MSc. student
Rune Magnus Koktvedgaard Zeitzen BSc. student

Sebastian Granzow BSc. student

Ying Lu MSc. student
Øyvind Winton MSc. student

External staff

Name Title E-mail Picture
Alexander Baklanov Adjoint professor  
Peter Lang Langen Affiliated Associate Professor
Trine Dahl-Jensen Adjungeret lector

Read about the current ice core drilling project in Greenland.

Field diaries, bloggs etc.

Link to field diaries, bloggs etc. from the camp life

Ilulissat. Foto: Rune Sundelin/UiT

Follow six expedition participants, here among Crown Prince Haakon on an expedition across the Greenland ice sheet - a trip that took them past EastGRIP. The expedition is organized by the UiT. Foto: Ilulissat, Rune Sundelin/UiT


Deadline: 8 August 2022

A three year PhD fellowship in Holocene sea ice variability in the Arctic

The project will involve field work, laboratory analysis and interpretation of ice-core records. During the project, you will investigate how arctic sea ice has varied over the Holocene using multiple sea-ice proxies from the ice cores.

Read more and apply here >>

CIC ice flow group

The ice flow modelling group at Centre for Ice and Climate studies ice sheets and glaciers in the climate system - glaciology, ice flow modelling and observations, surface mass balance and evolution of ice sheets. 

Annual Greenland Ice Sheet Seminar

Network meeting between research groups in Denmark working on the Greenland Ice Sheet held the first Thursday in...

More details


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