Ocean Dynamics and the Carbon Cycle

The ocean is a turbulent fluid and controls climate on time scales from months to millenia. It is also nonlinear: Small scale processes like turbulence and waves affect climate.


















































































Bornö, Gullmar Fjord, Sweden

The first of a series of summer events, organized by TeamOcean, the Bornö Summer School 2013 at Bornö research station near Trollhättan in Sweden was a collaboration between researchers in Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Germany. The weeklong stay was, apart from having an array of academic goals, intended to strengthen the professional collaboration in the field of Oceanography and climate research across the countries of the Nordic Seas regions in the future.

Workshop: NextGEMS - alternative approaches (6-12 August 2023)

Summer School: Shelves and Carbon Cycle (7-13 August 2022)

Summer School: Turbulence (31 July -7 August 2022)

Workshop: Carbon Cycle (8-14 August 2021)

Workshop: Turbulence (1-7 August 2021)

Measurement Campaign: Turbulence (9-15 August 2020)

Measurement Campaign: Turbulence (22-28 September 2019)

Summer School: Ocean Waves (27 July - 3 August 2019)

Workshop: Surface Waves (21-27 July 2019)

Summer School: Ocean Waves (29 July - 11 August 2018)

Workshop: Southern Ocean (22-28 July 2018)

Summer School: Ocean Waves (30 July - 12 August 2017)

Workshop: Southern Ocean (25-29 July 2017)

Workshop: Dansgaard-Oeschger events (1 -5 August 2016)

Workshop: Ocean Turbulence (25-29 July 2016)

Workshop: Watermass Transformation (27-31 July 2015)

Workshop: Computational Fluid Dynamics (20-27 July 2015)

Workshop: Northern Europe Oceanography Network (20-27 July 2014 )

Summer School: Earth-Life System (7-11 July 2014)

Workshop: Epi- and dianeutral fluxes in the Nordic Seas (8-12 July 2013)















































Bachelors of Science Year Went to
Magnus Quaade Oddershede 2022
MSc at TeamOcean
Yulii Bardenshtein 2021
MSc at TeamOcean
Rasmus Ranum Hansen 2021
MSc at TeamOcean
Marie Cecilie Boysen 2020
continued with MSc at NBI
MSc at TeamOcean
Jesper Rask Pedersen 2018
MSc at NBI
Andy Morris 2017 MSc at Imperial College
Naya Sophie Rye Jørgensen 2017 MSc at DTU
Søren Borg Nielsen 2013 MSc at TeamOcean
Karl-Søren Geertsen 2013 MSc at DTU
Vega Theil Carstensen 2013 MSc at DTU
Masters of Science
Year Went to
Rasmus Ranum Hansen 2023
Danish Navy
Jan Gärtner 2023
PhD at AWI
Jonas Dornonville de la Cour
Univ. of Aarhus
Marta Mrozowska 2021
PhD at TeamOcean
Maliha Shfagat Khan
2021 NDT Global
Ida Lei Stoustrup 2021 Ørsted
Cardiff Clim. Change Consulting
Bavarian Environmental Ministry
PhD at Utrecht University
2019 PhD at Uni. of Hong Kong
PhD at Uni. of Tromsø
Olga Lia Dimopoulou 2019 Weathernews
Peder Heiselberg 2017 Netcompany
Thomas Søndergaard Eriksen 2017 PhD at University Hamburg
Søren Borg Nielsen 2016 PhD at TeamOcean
Dion Häfner 2016 DHI / PhD at TeamOcean
Elin Svensson 2016 DTU-Wind
Johanne Øelund 2016 Surfing in Sri Lanka
Mads Bruun Poulsen 2015 PhD at TeamOcean
Jonathan Rheinlænder 2015 PhD position at Bergen
Jonas Blüthgen  2014 DHI
Turid Laksaa 2014 Left for at position at ESVAGT
Ida Ringgaard 2014 PhD at DMI
Year Went to
Dion Häfner 2022
Pasteur Labs
Næstved Gymnasium
Mads Bruun Poulsen 2019 Ørsted
Hannah Kleppin 2016 University of Hamburg
Year Went to
Xaver Lange 20(19-21) IOW
Mai Winstrup 20(17-18) DMI
Joel Pedro 20(15-17) University of Tasmania
Helen Pillar 20(14-17)
Texas at Austin
Laura Herraiz 20(15-17)
Southampton Oceanography
Brian Sørensen 2013
Danish Navy
Long Term Visitors
Year Went to
2017 Qingdao University
2015 University of Hawaii
Kelvin Richards 2015 University of Hawaii































Name Title Phone E-mail
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Felemban, Lamees Refat M PhD Student +4535336577 E-mail
Jochum, Markus Professor +4535326921 E-mail
Mrozowska, Marta Agnieszka PhD Fellow +4535323548 E-mail
Vettoretti, Guido Assistant Professor +4535323433 E-mail

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At TeamOcean, we develop and maintain the ocean model Veros, a high-performance general circulation model for CPU and GPU in pure Python.
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Animation of cross-equatorial geostrophic adjustment, MSc thesis of D. Häfner


Name Titel Study
Svenja Frey MSc. Student Arctic Air-Sea Carbon Fluxes
Chayton Keola Fox Bouwmeester MSc. Student Deep Convection
Simon Storvig Winther MSc. Student Southern Ocean Hypothesis

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Meteor-M120 ship - Research cruise in the year of 2015

M120 Research Cruise: Recife to Walvis Bay. Presentation by Helen R. Pillar

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