Research in Condensed Matter Physics at the Niels Bohr Institute Center for Quantum Devices at the Niels Bohr Instute, development of the quantum computer Research in Condensed Matter Physics at the Niels Bohr Institute Center for Quantum Devices at the Niels Bohr Instute, development of the quantum computer Research in Condensed Matter Physics at the Niels Bohr Institute Research in Condensed Matter Physics at the Niels Bohr Institute Research in Condensed Matter Physics at the Niels Bohr Institute

Condensed Matter Physics

Condensed matter physics is concerned with the understanding of the physical properties of solids and liquids, both naturally occurring and artificially produced.

The understanding of the macroscopic properties, for example, magnetism and electrical resistance, is based on a statistical description of an astronomically large number of atoms. Given the periodic table and the well-understood quantum mechanical description of the individual atoms, the number of combinations is infinite, which leaves plenty of room for discovering new fascinating phenomena.

Condensed matter physics is the foundation for many every-day technologies, ranging from hardening of steel to integrated microchips. Modern research in condensed matter physics takes place in both large scale x-ray and neutron scattering facilities, as well as in locally based laboratories, where quantum phenomena are being explored at temperatures near absolute zero. There is a vivid exchange between condensed matter and neighboring research areas, including biophysics, nanoscience, chemistry, optics, and quantum information.













































































X-ray and Neutron Science

The X-ray and Neutron Science is a section with about 40 researchers, working closely to other sections at the Niels Bohr Institute, other institutes at the University of Copenhagen, X-ray and neutron facilities around the world, and a number of other international partners.

Experiment with soft materials

Our research is centered around the use of large-scale experimental facilities using X-rays and neutrons, including the new X-ray source MAX-IV and the coming neutron source ESS, located in Lund (S), but also home-lab facilities. With these sources, we study a wide range of hard, soft, and biological materials.

Our cross-disciplinary activities ranges from structural biophysics - where we study the structure of proteins under biological relevant conditions; biologically bound water in living cells and proteins; soft matter, such as lipid artificial cell membranes and complex polymer structure and dynamics –  to the understanding of  the complex quantum nature of materials, in particular magnets and superconductors.

More about X-ray and neutron science >>

Condensed Matter Theory

Research in condensed matter systems addresses fundamental questions about the effective degrees of freedom in a quantum many-body system. These emergent quantum states, which are results of very complicated interacting systems, allow an often surprisingly simple description and understanding.

Calculations at the blackboard

We study quantum behavior of nanostructures and their applications in quantum transport devices, quantum information systems, as well as fundamental questions related to the properties of materials, such as exotic superconductors.

Our theoretical work is most often times driven by experimental findings and by attempts to predict new interesting phenomena. In particular, many of the group activities are done as part of the Center for Quantum Devices and in collaboration with other members of the Nano-ScienceCenter.

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Structural Food Physics and Soft Matter Self-Assembly

This group is affiliated with the Department of Food Science and the Niels Bohr Institute and is led by Associate Professor Jacob Kirkensgaard.

In general the research of the group is centered around mesoscale self-assembly and particularly the formation of geometrically and topologically complex structures in soft matter systems, both synthetic systems like block copolymers and amphiphilic molecules and from various food- and biological systems, for example photosynthetic membranes, milk/fat-based systems, oleogels and biomacromolecules like starch.

Read more about the Structural Food Physics and Soft Matter Self-Assembly group here >>










Novo Nordisk Foundation Quantum Computing Programme

The Novo Nordisk Foundation Quantum Computing Programme vision is to create a world-leading quantum ecosystem that radically improves the quantum computing landscape and creates societal impact. 

It has the potential to bring fundamentally new understanding and solutions to problems in both physical- and life sciences. 

More about the Novo Nordisk  Foundation Quantum Computing Programme here >>

Center for Quantum Devices

The researchers at the center builds and studies electronic circuits that exhibit effects of quantum coherence and low dimension.

Development of quantum devices

The purpose is to develop quantum electronics of the future by exploring the interaction between advanced materials and the quantum mechanical effects of electronic solid-state nano-components. These may be semiconducting nanowires, carbon nanotubes and superconducting systems.

More about the Center for Quantum Devices >>




































































































































Katrin Hjorth, Group secretary
Niels Bohr Bygningen, Jagtvej 155A, 2200 København N.
Telefon: +45 35 33 32 49

Kim Lefmann, Professor
X-ray and Neutron Science
Universitetsparken 5,
HCØ, Building 3, 2100 København Ø.
Phone: +45 29 25 04 76

Jens Paaske, Associate Professor
Niels Bohr Building
Jagtvej 155, 2. floor
2200 Copenhagen N.
Phone: +45 353-20395 






















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Andersen, Brian Møller Associate Professor Billede af Andersen, Brian Møller
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Huang, Zhujun Guest Researcher Billede af Huang, Zhujun
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Jensen, Jens Associate Professor Emeritus Billede af Jensen, Jens
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Joseph, Merin Visitor Billede af Joseph, Merin
Kang, Jung-hyun (Jordan) External Researcher Billede af Kang, Jung-hyun (Jordan)
Karakosta, Petroula Academic Research Staff Billede af Karakosta, Petroula
Kirkensgaard, Jacob Judas Kain Associate Professor Billede af Kirkensgaard, Jacob Judas Kain
Kjaergaard, Morten Associate Professor Billede af Kjaergaard, Morten
Kloster, Maren Elisabeth External Billede af Kloster, Maren Elisabeth
Konstantinopoulou, Pinelopi Olgana External Billede af Konstantinopoulou, Pinelopi Olgana
Kreisel, Andreas Assistant Professor Billede af Kreisel, Andreas
Krighaar, Kristine Marie Løfgren PhD Student Billede af Krighaar, Kristine Marie Løfgren
Kuemmeth, Ferdinand Professor Billede af Kuemmeth, Ferdinand
Kutchinsky, Rune External Billede af Kutchinsky, Rune
Kvande, Claire External Billede af Kvande, Claire
Lakic, Lazar PhD Fellow Billede af Lakic, Lazar
Lampadaris, Charalampos Enrolled PhD Student Billede af Lampadaris, Charalampos
Larsen, Robert Garbrecht External Billede af Larsen, Robert Garbrecht
Lawrie, William Iain Leonard Postdoc Billede af Lawrie, William Iain Leonard
Lefmann, Kim Professor Billede af Lefmann, Kim
Leijnse, Martin Christian External Billede af Leijnse, Martin Christian
Lenander, Emma Ynill PhD Fellow Billede af Lenander, Emma Ynill
Leveraro, Filippo External Billede af Leveraro, Filippo
Lindelof, Poul Erik Emeritus Billede af Lindelof, Poul Erik
Lindholm, Maja Krüger Student Billede af Lindholm, Maja Krüger
Liu, Yu Academic Staff Billede af Liu, Yu
Luus, Jürgen PhD Fellow Billede af Luus, Jürgen
Lykkegaard, Magnus Rønne PhD Fellow Billede af Lykkegaard, Magnus Rønne
Marcus, Charles M. Professor Billede af Marcus, Charles M.
Marshall, William External Billede af Marshall, William
McNeil, Robert External Billede af McNeil, Robert
Meucci, Giulia Visitor Billede af Meucci, Giulia
Mortensen, Kell Professor Emeritus Billede af Mortensen, Kell
Møller, Svend Krøjer Postdoc Billede af Møller, Svend Krøjer
Nagda, Gunjan Piyush Postdoc Billede af Nagda, Gunjan Piyush
Nathan, Frederik Sønderby Postdoc Billede af Nathan, Frederik Sønderby
Nielsen, Malthe Asmus Marciniak PhD Student Billede af Nielsen, Malthe Asmus Marciniak
Nitsch, Maximilian External Billede af Nitsch, Maximilian
Nunes Bordallo, Heloisa Associate Professor Billede af Nunes Bordallo, Heloisa
Nygård, Jesper Professor Billede af Nygård, Jesper
Paaske, Jens Associate Professor Billede af Paaske, Jens
Pedersen, Martin Cramer External Research Assistant Billede af Pedersen, Martin Cramer
Pio, Dot Belin Master-Student Billede af Pio, Dot Belin
Prosser, Octavia External Billede af Prosser, Octavia
Rasmussen, Finn Berg Associate Professor Emeritus Billede af Rasmussen, Finn Berg
Rasmussen, Torbjørn Raasø PhD Fellow Billede af Rasmussen, Torbjørn Raasø
Ray, Pia Jensen External Billede af Ray, Pia Jensen
Rudner, Mark Spencer External Billede af Rudner, Mark Spencer
Røhling, Tobias Thornsen External Billede af Røhling, Tobias Thornsen
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Sasmal, Satyaki Postdoc Billede af Sasmal, Satyaki
Schlosser, Rasmus Dalsgaard PhD Fellow Billede af Schlosser, Rasmus Dalsgaard
Schwarze, Oliver Holmegaard External Billede af Schwarze, Oliver Holmegaard
Sestoft, Joachim Elbeshausen Postdoc Billede af Sestoft, Joachim Elbeshausen
Severin, Johann Bock PhD Fellow Billede af Severin, Johann Bock
Shagalov, Ksenia PhD Fellow Billede af Shagalov, Ksenia
Sidorczak, Pawel Tadeusz PhD Fellow Billede af Sidorczak, Pawel Tadeusz
Singh, Shikhar PhD Fellow Billede af Singh, Shikhar
Smith, Henrik Emeritus Billede af Smith, Henrik
Solow, Oliver Ovsée Laub PhD Fellow Billede af Solow, Oliver Ovsée Laub
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Syljuåsen, Olav Fredrik External Researcher Billede af Syljuåsen, Olav Fredrik
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Theodor, Keld Assistant Engineer Billede af Theodor, Keld
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Tsekeridis, Charalampos PhD Fellow Billede af Tsekeridis, Charalampos
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Upadhyay, Shivendra External Billede af Upadhyay, Shivendra
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Zhao, Junting PhD Fellow Billede af Zhao, Junting
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