Forskning i Biokompleksitet på Niels Bohr Institutet ved Københavns Universitet Forskning i Biokompleksitet på Niels Bohr Institutet ved Københavns Universitet Forskning i Biokompleksitet på Niels Bohr Institutet ved Københavns Universitet Forskning i Biokompleksitet på Niels Bohr Institutet ved Københavns Universitet Forskning i Biokompleksitet på Niels Bohr Institutet ved Københavns Universitet Forskning i Biokompleksitet på Niels Bohr Institutet ved Københavns Universitet

Biocomplexity and Biophysics

Biocomplexity is a cutting-edge area of ​​research between physics and biology. By using the principles and methods of physics one can explore the living nature and biological phenomena.

"More is different" by P. W. Anderson emphasizes emergent phenomena on a wide range of scales in nature. In BioComplexity, we continuously explore the diversity of complex phenomena in biological, physical and social systems, including pattern formation, complex and chaotic dynamics, fluid dynamics, game theory, networks and econophysics. 

 We build on our strength of using physics approaches to suggest and perform experiments and models of living systems. The systems range from proteins and gene regulation to larger-scale collective spatiotemporal structure formation. The research is often a collaboration between physicists, biologists, medical doctors, and nanoscientists.






































































































Atmospheric Complexity:
Climate research currently faces a dilemma: in a quest to make simulations more realistic, models are becoming increasingly sophisticated by incorporating more and more processes. Yet, despite increased apparent realism of the model output, basic understanding of the underlying physics becomes more challenging — the analysis of the model output itself sometimes resembles that of observational data. 

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Biological Network and Complex systems (Center for Models of Life (CMOL)): We use methods from physics to develop understanding of living systems. We model regulation of living systems aiming to understand the strategies of gene regulation and dynamics of self organization, with a focus on simple conceptual and quantitative models. Our research tackles diversity of biological systems from epigenetics to emergence of complex communities. 

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Experimental Biophysics:

Bendix Lab: We investigate the physical properties of living cells by a number of advanced optical techniques and methods from eg. nanoscience. Living cells are extremely dynamic, and for a physicist, the complex cell can be characterized as a living material. We examine the cells by combining optical microscopy with optical manipulation.

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Jauffred Lab: We pursue mechanical models of cell colonies’ morphologies. We use advanced imaging to understand how patterning, spreading, and genetics is regulated by an interplay of inter-cellular forces, growth and cell motility.

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Membranes Lab: Using physical principles and methods, the group 'Biophysics - Membranes' explores biological phenomena and works to clarify how proteins and chemical substances pass through both biological and artificial membranes. The physical theory of an electrical circuit can, for example, describe how signal transports around the brain.

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Uni-Bio lab: from models to unifying concepts in Biology:
We use mathematical models and quantitative experiments to investigate how individual cells and cellular populations rapidly adapt to changes in the environment.  A few examples include Asymmetric Damage Segregation (bacteria), Early differentiation of the embryo, receptor adaptation; excitable dynamics in inflammation (islets).

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Research centers:

StemPhys: The Center for Stem Cell Decision Making, StemPhys, is an interdisciplinary center founded as a collaboration between Danstem and The Niels Bohr Institute . StemPhys joins forces of physics and stem cell biology with the goal of understanding and controlling stem cell commitment by looking at biochemical and mechanical coordination within cells, organoids and embryos.

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Alonso, Albert PhD Fellow +4535325426 E-mail
Arastoo, Mohammadreza Research Assistant   E-mail
Ardaseva, Aleksandra Postdoc   E-mail
Bendix, Pól Martin Associate Professor +4535325251 E-mail
Brown, Stanley Postdoc   E-mail
Bulgasim, Saad Mohammed Hamad No job title VIP   E-mail
Cordero, Mireia PhD Fellow +4535322336 E-mail
Danielsen, Helena Maria Dávidsdóttir PhD Fellow +4531319231 E-mail
Doostmohammadi, Amin Assistant Professor +4535331427 E-mail
Ebrahimi, Samira Guest Researcher +4535335962 E-mail
Eilersen, Andreas Thomas PhD Fellow   E-mail
Ellegaard, Clive Sigurd Associate Professor Emeritus +4520576305 E-mail
Farhangibarooji, Younes Academic Staff +4535330067 E-mail
Fiévet, Romain Frédéric Sébastien Postdoc +4535334447 E-mail
Garcia Vazquez, Alba PhD Fellow +4535323684 E-mail
Gerganova, Veneta External Postdoc   E-mail
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Gronemeyer, Ronja Mareike PhD Student +4535322313 E-mail
Halvorsen, Gustav Salicath PhD Fellow   E-mail
Heimburg, Thomas Rainer Professor +4535325389 E-mail
Heltberg, Mathias Luidor Postdoc +4535327500 E-mail
Hertz, John Emeritus +4535325235 E-mail
Himeoka, Yusuke No job title +45+817085750680 E-mail
Härter, Jan Olaf Mirko Associate Professor +4593565736 E-mail
Höller, Jannik External, Ph.d Student   E-mail
Jauffred, Liselotte Associate Professor +4525721532 E-mail
Jensen, Gorm Gruner Postdoc +4535321242 E-mail
Jensen, Mogens Høgh Professor +4535325371 E-mail
Kirkegaard, Julius Bier Postdoc +4535330207 E-mail
Kreilgaard, Kimi Cardoso Student FU   E-mail
Kruse, Irene Livia External, Ph.d Student   E-mail
Leijnse, Natascha Assistant Professor +4535335052 E-mail
Levinsen, Mogens Associate Professor Emeritus +4535325295 E-mail
Lucchetti, Alessandra PhD Fellow +4535337508 E-mail
Marantos, Anastasios PhD Fellow +4535330159 E-mail
Martiny, Emil Schou PhD Fellow +4535334730 E-mail
Mathiesen, Joachim Associate Professor +4535325214 E-mail
Meyer, Bettina No job title   E-mail
Mitarai, Namiko Associate Professor +4535325402 E-mail
Moreno Pescador, Guillermo Sergio Guest Researcher +4535332635 E-mail
Nickels, Jan Fabio PhD Fellow +4535334179 E-mail
Nielsen, Alexander Valentin PhD Student +4535324301 E-mail
Nielsen, Bjarke Frost PhD Fellow   E-mail
Novev, Yavor Kirilov Postdoc +4535334916 E-mail
Ruhoff, Victoria PhD Fellow +4535321232 E-mail
Senikoglou, Pavlina Research Assistant +4535328109 E-mail
Sneppen, Kim Professor +4535325352 E-mail
Svenningsen, Mikkel Skjoldan Postdoc +4542674334 E-mail
Trusina, Ala Associate Professor +4521288647 E-mail
Vasudevan, Anagha PhD Student   E-mail
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