Uni-Bio lab

From models to unifying concepts in Biology

We use mathematical models and quantitative experiments to distill simplicity behind biological complexity.

























The Uni-Bio Lab is a part of the Biocomplexity group, CMOL (Center for Models of Life) and StemPhys and are located at the Niels Bohr Institute in Copenhagen.

We are interested in uncovering the unifying principles in complex biological systems. We like asking questions and look for simplest ways to answer them.

We combine theoretical and computational models with quantitative experiments (primarily time-lapse). We enjoy interacting with our collaborators across physics, biology and medicine.

Our current focus is on what can cells achieve collectively, how far can they go beyond what single cells can do on their own. A few examples are: ways to counteract stressesbalance their relative abundances in developing organs; encode and send the information across tissue  and form complex and stable shapes in organs and organisms. More about this under Research Projects.












































































































































































































































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Nielsen, Alexander Valentin PhD Student +4535324301 E-mail
Trusina, Ala Associate Professor +4521288647 E-mail

Ala Trusina

Group leader

Ala Trusina, Associate Professor
Email: trusina'at'nbi.ku.dk
Phone: +45 21 28 86 47

External staff & students

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Julie Klepstad   Master student +45  
Thomas Langemark Trojahn  Master student