Theoretical Particle Physics and Cosmology at the Niels Bohr Institute Theoretical Particle Physics and Cosmology at the Niels Bohr Institute Theoretical Particle Physics and Cosmology at the Niels Bohr Institute Theoretical Particle Physics and Cosmology at the Niels Bohr Institute Theoretical Particle Physics and Cosmology at the Niels Bohr Institute

Theoretical Particle Physics and Cosmology

The theoretical particle physics and cosmology group at the Niels Bohr Institute is involved in a wide scope of research activities centered around quantum theories of gauge fields, gravity and astrophysics.

Research areas include scattering amplitudes, effective field theory, black holes, holography, lattice simulations, quantum gravity, integrability, astroparticle physics, and cosmology.





















































































































































































Pia Lykke Kohring

Troels Harmark

Pia Lykke Kohring
Section secretary
Phone: +45 353-25210

Troels Harmark
Section Leader, Associate professor

Phone: +45 23 29 89 04













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Ahlers, Markus Tobias Assistant Professor - Tenure Track Billede af Ahlers, Markus Tobias
Ambjørn, Jan Professor Emeritus Billede af Ambjørn, Jan
Andersen, Benjamin Halager PhD Fellow Billede af Andersen, Benjamin Halager
Armas, Jácome Saldanha N d O B External Billede af Armas, Jácome Saldanha N d O B
Bjerrum-Bohr, Emil Associate Professor - Promotion Programme Billede af Bjerrum-Bohr, Emil
Bourjaily, Jacob Lewis Associate Professor Billede af Bourjaily, Jacob Lewis
Broglia, Ricardo Americo No job title Billede af Broglia, Ricardo Americo
Bustamante, Mauricio Assistant Professor Billede af Bustamante, Mauricio
Chalabi, Adam Postdoc Billede af Chalabi, Adam
Chan, Chun Lung PhD Fellow Billede af Chan, Chun Lung
Chen, Gang Postdoc Billede af Chen, Gang
Chen, Yifan Postdoc Billede af Chen, Yifan
Christensen, Per Rex Associate Professor Emeritus Billede af Christensen, Per Rex
Christiansen, Marta Bloch Student Assistant Billede af Christiansen, Marta Bloch
Damgaard, Poul Henrik Professor Billede af Damgaard, Poul Henrik
De Amicis, Marina PhD Fellow Billede af De Amicis, Marina
De Sacadura Botte Corte-Real, J M Attendant Billede af De Sacadura Botte Corte-Real, J M
Dos Santos Cardoso, Vitor Manuel Professor Billede af Dos Santos Cardoso, Vitor Manuel
Dyrbye, Natascha Office Trainee Billede af Dyrbye, Natascha
Dyson, Conor Liam PhD Student Billede af Dyson, Conor Liam
Døssing, Thomas Associate Professor Emeritus Billede af Døssing, Thomas
Ester, Evelyn-Andreea PhD Fellow Billede af Ester, Evelyn-Andreea
Ezquiaga Bravo, Jose Maria Assistant Professor Billede af Ezquiaga Bravo, Jose Maria
Fiorillo, Damiano Francesco G Postdoc Billede af Fiorillo, Damiano Francesco G
Frellesvig, Hjalte Axel Postdoc Billede af Frellesvig, Hjalte Axel
Gressel, Oliver No job title Billede af Gressel, Oliver
Groth, Kathrine Mørch PhD Fellow Billede af Groth, Kathrine Mørch
Guarini, Ersilia PhD Fellow Billede af Guarini, Ersilia
Han, Shanzhong PhD Student Billede af Han, Shanzhong
Harmark, Troels Associate Professor, Head of Section Billede af Harmark, Troels
Høst, Mette Visitor Billede af Høst, Mette
Jackson, Andrew D. Emeritus Billede af Jackson, Andrew D.
Jessen, Jonathan Waagner External Billede af Jessen, Jonathan Waagner
Kohring, Zofia Merie Section Secretary Billede af Kohring, Zofia Merie
Kristensen, Eva Maria Högmark Project Finance Administrator Billede af Kristensen, Eva Maria Högmark
Kristjansen, Charlotte Fløe Professor Billede af Kristjansen, Charlotte Fløe
Liu, Zhengwen Assistant Professor Billede af Liu, Zhengwen
Lundkvist, Rasmus Sloth Postdoc Billede af Lundkvist, Rasmus Sloth
Morales I Espasa, Roger PhD Fellow Billede af Morales I Espasa, Roger
Nagao, Keiichi Guest Researcher Billede af Nagao, Keiichi
Nasselski, Pavel Professor Billede af Nasselski, Pavel
Nielsen, Holger Frits Bech Emeritus Billede af Nielsen, Holger Frits Bech
Nielsen, Lasse Rasmus External Billede af Nielsen, Lasse Rasmus
Obers, Niels Anne Jacob Professor Billede af Obers, Niels Anne Jacob
Olesen, Poul Emeritus Billede af Olesen, Poul
Orselli, Marta No job title Billede af Orselli, Marta
Padilla Gay, Ian Research Assistant Billede af Padilla Gay, Ian
Pereniguez, David Postdoc Billede af Pereniguez, David
Peretti, Enrico Postdoc Billede af Peretti, Enrico
Pethick, C. J. Emeritus Billede af Pethick, C. J.
Pica, Daniele Enrolled PhD Student Billede af Pica, Daniele
Pitik, Tetyana PhD Fellow Billede af Pitik, Tetyana
Placidi, Andrea No job title VIP Billede af Placidi, Andrea
Qian, Xin PhD Student Billede af Qian, Xin
Raben, Rikke External Billede af Raben, Rikke
Rahbek, Emil Gerner Kjær Student Billede af Rahbek, Emil Gerner Kjær
Ramos, Ximena Associate Professor Billede af Ramos, Ximena
Rudolph, Annika Lena Postdoc Billede af Rudolph, Annika Lena
Shalgar, Shashank Assistant Professor Billede af Shalgar, Shashank
Sieverding, Andre Postdoc Billede af Sieverding, Andre
Skowronek Santos, Marcos Student Assistant Billede af Skowronek Santos, Marcos
Spieksma, Thomas PhD Fellow Billede af Spieksma, Thomas
Spiering, Anne Postdoc Billede af Spiering, Anne
Su, Chenliang Enrolled PhD Student Billede af Su, Chenliang
Tamborra, Irene Professor Billede af Tamborra, Irene
Telalovic, Bernanda PhD Fellow Billede af Telalovic, Bernanda
Trott, Michael Robert Associate Professor Billede af Trott, Michael Robert
Ulfbeck, Ole Carsten Associate Professor Emeritus Billede af Ulfbeck, Ole Carsten
Valera Baca, Victor Branco PhD Fellow Billede af Valera Baca, Victor Branco
Van De Meent, Maarten Assistant Professor Billede af Van De Meent, Maarten
Vergu, Cristian Assistant Professor Billede af Vergu, Cristian
Wilhelm, Matthias Assistant Professor Billede af Wilhelm, Matthias
Yuste, Jaime Redondo PhD Fellow Billede af Yuste, Jaime Redondo
Zarembo, Konstantin Professor Billede af Zarembo, Konstantin
Zhang, Chi Postdoc Billede af Zhang, Chi
de Molade, Julie Research Coordinator Billede af de Molade, Julie
di Vecchia, Paolo Emeritus Billede af di Vecchia, Paolo
von Hippel, Matt Assistant Professor Billede af von Hippel, Matt

External staff & students

Navn Titel Telefon E-mail
Kim Splittorff Deputy head of department +45 24892498
Marta Orselli Affiliate associate professor    
Jácome Saldanha Armas    +45 35325200