Vitor Cardoso

Vitor Cardoso


The advent of gravitational-wave astronomy and of very long-baseline interferometry is now providing data that allows us to probe the gravitational interactions in regimes which were thought to be impossible to observe.

Vitor's research is focused on gravity, specially strong-field gravity. He is interested in black hole physics and in tests of some of the basic tenets of General Relativity.  Some of the issues that Vitor wants to understand include tests of the black hole geometry (are black holes as described by Einstein's theory, do black holes really exist out there?) and of the environment where they live (can we probe dark matter structures using black hole binaries, can we probe new fundamental fields with black holes).

More broadly, Vitor wants to understand the fundamental interactions and the array of phenomena that they may give rise to.

Vitor is a co-chair of the ngEHT Fundamental Physics Group, and of the LISA Science Investigation package. He is a Villum Investigator, a DNRF chair and a ERC Adv. Fellow. He was previously awarded two other ERC Grants. 

In 2015 he was awarded the “Ordem de Sant’Iago da Espada” title, for scientific achievements, by the President of the Portuguese Republic.

ID: 290014245