Non-relativistic geometry and holography

The goal is to investigate non-relativistic limits of gravity, string theory and holography, using recent advances in non-relativistic geometry as an important tool in the covariant formulation of these limits. Specific topics include strong non-relativistic gravity, string theory on torsional Newton-Cartain backgrounds and limits of AdS/CFT known as Spin Matrix theory.






































































































































































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Harmark, Troels Associate Professor, Head of Section Billede af Harmark, Troels
Obers, Niels Anne Jacob Professor Billede af Obers, Niels Anne Jacob

External staff

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Jay Armas Assistant Professor at Amsterdam University    
Leo Bidussi PHD student at Edinburgh University
Dennis Hansen PHD student at ETH Zurich
Jelle Hartong Associate Professor at Edinburgh University
Emil Have PHD student at Edinburgh University