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Defect conformal field theories, integrability and holography

We study defect conformal field theories with holographic duals by means of exact techniques such as integrability, localization and conformal bootstrap. Our projects relate to magnetic monopoles, spin chains, matrix product states, quantum quenches, and graphene.


















The group is funded by a project grant from DFF-FNU.

Independent Research Fund Denmark









































Our research lies within the framework of the AdS/CFT correspondence linking gauge theories and string theories.

Currently, the main direction of investigation is defect conformal field theories based on maximally supersymmetric Yang Mills theory and ABJM theory as well as their dual probe brane models.  

In particular, we are interested in clarifying the role of integrability in  AdS/CFT set-ups with defects and to make contact with the boundary conformal bootstrap program.

Among the types of defects we consider are domain walls, Wilson-lines and ‘t Hooft lines, generated by magnetic monopoles.

Our investigations have strong links with the study of spin chains, matrix product states and quantum quenches in statistical and condensed matter physics.

We also apply probe brane set-ups to model the strong coupling properties of graphene.









































































































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