Thesis and dissertations



Lists of theses and dissertations written by students and staff from the section for Physics of Ice, Climate and Earth.









Dion Häfner 2022 An Ocean of Data: Inferring the Causes of Real-World Rogue Waves
Markus Jochumsen
Julien Westhoff 2022 Visual Stratigraphy of the EastGRIP Ice Core - Of the Lost Ice Core Orientation, Deformation Structures, Extreme Warm Events, and Trapped Ancient Air Dorthe Dahl-Jensen
Iris Fernandes 2021 Modeling spatial uncertainty in geophysical imaging Klaus Mosegaard
Sissal Erenbjerg 2021 Oceanography of the Faroe Shelf and Sundalagið Norður - A modeling approach Eigil Kaas
Sarouyeh Khoshkholgh 2021 Uncertainty Quantification in Seismic Subsurface Modelling by Informed Proposal Monte Carlo Klaus Mosegaard
Jesper B. Liisberg 2020 Abrupt climate change and the nitrogen cycle Thomas Blunier
Kasper Hintz 2019 On The Usage of Crowdsourced Data in Numerical Weather Prediction Eigil Kaas
Ida Margrethe Ringgaard 2019 Sensitivity of Arctic sea ice change on climate in the coupled climate model EC-Earth Eigil Kaas
Jens Hesselbjerg Christensen
Karl Nyman 2019 Bifurcations of relaxation oscillations in models of the middle Pleistocene transition of glacial cycles Peter Ditlevsen
Filippo Botta 2019 The ecology of abrupt climate changes during the last glacial period Anders Svensson
Dorthe Dahl-Jensen
Søren Borg Nielsen 2019 Oceanic Vertical Mixing, Marine Biogeochemistry and Atmospheric Carbon Dioxide Markus Jochum
Martin Olesen 2019 High resolution climate simulation Eigil Kaas
Jens Hesselbjerg Christensen
Christian Terkelsen Holme 2019 Stable water isotope variability as a proxy of past temperatures

Bo Vinther
Vasileios Gkinis

Carlos Francisco Castro Soto Reyes 2019 The crustal and sedimentary structure of the Amundsen Basin, Arctic Ocean, derived from seismic reflection and refraction data Klaus Mosegaard
Mads Bruun Poulsen 2018 Parameterizing Southern Ocean eddy-induced circulation in coarse resolution ocean models Markus Jochum
Simone Juul Jacobsen 2018 Christine Schøtt Hvidberg
Marius Folden Simonsen 2018 Anders Svensson
Paul Vallelonga
Johannes Lohmann 2018 Peter Ditlevsen
Diana Vladimirova 2018 Thomas Blunier
Alexey Ekaykin
Nicholas Mossor Rathmann 2018 Christine Schøtt Hvidberg
Rasmus Bødker Madsen 2018 Thomas Mejer Hansen
Signe Hillerup Larsen 2017 Christine Schøtt Hvidberg
Andreas Ahlstrøm 
Niccolò Maffezzoli 2017 Paul Vallelonga
Mats Lundh Gulbrandsen 2017 Quantitative geological modeling based on probabilistic integration of geological and geophysical data Klaus Mosegaard
Malte Normann Winther 2017 Trace gas evolution in the present and past atmosphere Thomas Blunier

Troels Bøgeholm Mikkelsen 2017 Ice Sheets & Ice Cores. Data Analysis & Stochastic Modeling Peter Ditlevsen
Lisbeth Tangaa Nielsen 2017 Ice flow Modelling of the Greenland Ice Sheet - Investigating the use of ice flow models in the interpretation of the age-structure of the Greenland ice sheet Christine Schøtt Hvidberg

Hannah Kleppin 2016 Unforced climate transitions as a scenario for Dansgaard-Oeschger events Marchus Jochum
Rasmus Anker Pedersen 2016 Modelling interglacial climate Bo Møllesøe Vinther
Arianna Marchionne 2016 Modeling Past Abrupt Climate Changes Peter Ditlevsen
Corentin Reutenauer 2016 Measuring the triple O2 isotopic composition of air trapped in ice cores and quantifying the causes of δ18Oatm millennial scale variations Thomas Blunier
Amaëlle Landais
Anne-Katrine Faber 2016 Isotopes in Greenland precipitation: Isotope-enabled AGCM modelling and a new Greenland database of observations and ice core measurements Bo Vinther
Jesper Sjolte
Johannes Lohmann 2015 Dynamics of abrupt glacial climate change Peter Ditlevsen
Christian Panton  2015 Tracing Internal Radar Layers in the Greenland Ice Sheet Dorthe Dahl-Jensen
Marius Folden Simonsen 2015 Interglacial ice core dust from
Paul Vallelonga
Alexandra Messerli 2015 Surface velocities and hydrology at Engabreen: Aslak Grinsted
Dorthe Dahl-Jensen
Nanna Karlsson
Antje Fitzner 2014 Modeling the tidewater glacier Kangiata Nunaata

Dorthe Dahl-Jensen
Helle Astrid Kjær 2014 Continuous chemistry in ice cores Anders Svensson
Myriam Guillevic 2014 Characterisation of rapid climate changes through
isotope analyses of ice and entrapped air in the NEEM ice core
Thomas Blunier
Maria Arvaniti 2014 Application of Contactless Conductivity Detection to Ice
Core Analysis

Anders Svensson
Paul Vallelonga

Peter Sperlich 2013 δ13C-CH4 in ice core samples: Analyses, referencing and data interpretation approaches 

 Thomas Blunier

Ernesto Kettner 2013 Highly Resolved Paleoclimatic Aerosol Records: Continuous Flow Analysis and the Potential of Flow Cytometry for the
Characterisation of Aeolian Dust in Polar Ice Cores

Anders Svensson
Matthias Bigler

Christopher Stowasser 2013 Continuous greenhouse gas measurements from ice cores Thomas Blunier
Sebastian B. Simonsen 2013 The state of the Greenland Ice Sheet - From firn induced surface elevation change to ice sheet model initialization Christine Schøtt Hvidberg
Guðfinna Aðalgeirsdóttir
Peter Sperlich 2013 δ13C-CH4 in ice core samples: Analyses, referencing and data interpretation approaches Thomas Blunier
Anne Solgaard 2012 Large-scale Modeling of the Greenland Ice Sheet on Long Time scales Christine Schøtt Hvidberg
Guðfinna Aðalgeirsdóttir
Ivana Cvijanovic 2012 Abrupt climate change and high to low latitude teleconnections as simulated in climate models  Eigil Kaas
Astrid Schmidt 2011 ICE CORE GENETICS

Jørgen Peder Steffensen
Mads Dam Ellehøj 2011 Ice-vapor equilibrium fractionation factor

Sigfús Jóhann Johnsen
Christo Buizert 2011 The influence of firn air transport processes and radiocarbon production on gas records from polar firn and ice Thomas Blunier
Vasileios Gkinis 2011 High resolution water isotope data from ice cores Sigfús Jóhann Johnsen
Mai Winstrup 2011 An Automated Method for Annual Layer Counting in Ice Cores

Anders Svensson
Sune Olander Rasmussen
David Balslev-Clausen 2011 Application of cavity ring down spectroscopy to isotopic bio- geo- & climate-science & The development of a Mid-IR CRDS analyzer for continuous measurements of N2O isotopomers. Dorthe Dahl-Jensen
Hans Christian
2011 The stable water isotope climatic method: Enhancing our understanding of the present-day isotope processes for the Greenland Ice Sheet Sigfús Jóhann Johnsen
Morten  Langer -Andersen  2010 Surface melt, dynamics and seismicity at Helheim Glacier, East Greenland  Dorthe Dahl-Jensen
Tine B. Larsen
Andreas P. Ahlstrøm
Jesper Sjolte 2009 Modeling of present and Eemian stable water isotopes in precipitation Sigfús Jóhann Johnsen
Susanne Lilja Buchardt 2009 Basal melting and Eemian ice along the main ice ridge in northern Greenland Dorthe Dahl-Jensen
Robert S. Fausto 2009 Improving Surface Boundary Conditions for Large-Scale Ice Sheet Models of Greenland  
Karen Guldbæk Schmidt 2007 The Water Cycle on Mars Dorthe Dahl-Jensen
Christine Schøtt
Bo Møllesøe Vinther 2006 Greenland and North Atlantic climatic conditions during the Holocene

Katrine Krogh Andersen Sigfús Jóhann Johnsen
Sune Olander Rasmussen 2006 Improvement, dating, and analysis of Greenland ice core stratigraphies Katrine Krogh Andersen
Peter Lang Langen 2005 Polar Amplification og Surface Temperature Change in a Warming Climate Vladimir A. Alexeev
Peter Ditlevsen
Ray J. Bates
Marie-Louise Siggaard-Andersen 2005 Analysis of soluble ions from dust and sea salt over the last glacial cycle in polar deep ice cores  
Amir Khan  2003    
Irene A. Mogensen
2002 A Study of Rapid Climate Changes, Dansgaard-Oeschger events  


















Alexander Friisnæs 2021 Measurements of δ15N and δ 40Ar of NEEM air with oxygen removal from a perovskite membrane Thomas Blunier
Dina Rapp 2021 Ice flow and machine learning Christine S. Hvidberg
Laurent Lindpointer 2021 Incorporating a dynamical Greenland Ice Sheet into a Global Climate Model System Aslak Grinsted
Maureen Eyers Bøge Jørgensen 2021 Optimizing an O2 extraction system to measure atmospheric δ18O in ice core Thomas Blunier
Thea Quistgaard 2021 Laki to Tambora: Signal Restoration and Pattern Recognition in Ultra High Resolution Volcanic and Isotopic Signals Vasileios Gkinis
Niels Fabrin Nymand 2021 Spectral element and the adjoint method in seismology - Modelling of discontinuous boundaries Klaus Mosegaard
Yifan Liu 2021 A Physics driven approach to solving inverse problem using Neural Networks Klaus Mosegaard
Marta Agnieszka Mrozowska 2021 Hitting rock bottom: How the Earth system resists cooling and/or lowering atmospheric CO2 concentrations during the glacial periods Markus Jochum
Maliha Shfagat Khan 2021 The role of oceanic signals due to D/O oscillations in the time scale of interhemispheric coupling Markus Jochum
Guido Vettoretti
Roman Nuterman
Mikkel Rasmus Schmidt 2021 Whispers of Ancient Air Bubbles in Polar Ice - A novel approach to total air content studies based on the acoustical signal of air bubbles in ice cores Vasileios Gkinis
Bo M. Vinther
Rebekka Frøystad 2021 Measuring d18O of atmospheric oxygen for synchronizing ice core records Thomas Blunier
Diana Spurzem 2021 Representativity of albedo measurements of Automated Weather Stations in Greenland Aslak Grinsted
Kerttu Maria Peensoo 2021 Developing a Method for High Resolution Water Isotope Measurements in Ice Cores Vasileios Gkinis
Thomas Blunier
Ying Yu 2021 Temperatures in Northern Greenland from 1952 to 2019 and Water Isotope Data from the Hans Tausen Ice Core Bo Møllesøe Vinther
Jonas Hermann Damsbo 2021 A Case Study of Severe Cloudburst Events in Denmark Aksel Walløe Hansen
José Carlos Lozano Garcia 2021 Overestimation of Spain's summer temperatures due to regional climate models deficiencies Jens H. Christensen
José David Calderón Peña 2021 Marine heatwaves analysis thru climate models based on the CMIP5 program and observational data Jens H. Christensen
Ida Lei Stoustrup 2021 Automated Parameter Tuning for the Versatile Ocean Simulator (VEROS) Markus Jochum
Ruth Julia Ladwig 2021 Community Earth System Model climate under Last Glacial Maximum boundary conditions Markus Jochum

Ella Jacobsen

2021 Analysis of spatiotemporal patterns of plastics in the Baltic Sea Markus Jochum

David Soestmeyer

2021 Local temperature reconstruction from gas trapping processes in the Dye 3 ice core from Greenland Thomas Blunier

Lara Helen Möllney

2020 Patterns of Dust-borne Iron Fertilization at the Last Glacial Maximum Markus Jochum

Ann-Sofie Priergaard Zinck

2020 Surface velocity and ice thickness of the Müller ice cap, Axel Heiberg Island Aslak Grinsted

Lilja Dahl

2020 Source-Apportionment of Non-Methane Volatile Organic Compounds, Halogenated Species and Non-CO2 Greenhouse Gases at Mt. Cimone (Italy) by applying Positive Matrix Factorization with a Lifetime Correction Method Anders Svensson

Wiebke Margitta Kolbe

2020 Testing the usage of neural networks in the shortwave radiation parameterization of the WRF model Eigil Kaas
Falk Marius Oraschewski 2020 Modelling of firn densification in the presence of horizontal strain rates Aslak Grinsted
Alessandro Falcione 2020 A study on preprocessing and assimilation of Netatmo data in a NWP system Eigil Kaas
Steffen Kristiansen 2020 Quantification of bipolar volcanic eruptions during the last glacial period (12-60 ka) based on Greenland and Antarctic ice cores Anders Svensson
Margaret Harlan 2020 Continuous flow analysis of the Dye 3 ice core: New data from old ice Anders Svensson
Helle A. Kjær
Kasper Tølløse 2020 Development and implementation of a neural network based PBL turbulence parameterization scheme Eigil Kaas
Simon Jacobsen 2020 A study of the impact of very large wind farms on regional weather using the WRF model in high resolution Aksel Walløe
Laurits Andersen 2020 Time scales of the Bipolar seesaw: The role of oceanic cross-hemisphere signals, Southern Ocean eddies and wind changes Markus Jochum
Janani Venkatesh 2020 An improved Gas-CFA system for methane measurements and preliminary results from the Dye-3 ice core Thomas Blunier
Christian Højer Skjellerup 2019 Observed and experimental effects of advection speeds and spatial precipitation distributions on spatial and temporal scaling
Luwei Shen 2019 The Connection between Stratospheric Sudden Warming and Tropospheric Blocking Events Eigil Kaas
Patrick Bülow 2019 The effect of Forbush Decreases on the atmosphere Eigil Kaas
Pernille Lundsgaard Rasmussen 2019 A Neural Network approach to investigate the thermo-chemical state of the deep interior of the Earth and terrestrial planets Klaus Mosegaard
Andrea Zunino
Estelle Ngoumtsa 2019 A new reconstruction of climatic impurities in the Sub-Antarctic region - Continuous Flow Analysis of the SubICE firn cores: Mertz, Siple, Bouvet, Peter-First, Young

Helle A. Kjær
Paul Vallelonga

Steffen Ole Randrup Kristensen 2019 Extending the Veros climate simulator with biochemistry - Model design and AMOC collapse Markus Jochum
Mathias Skov Jensen 2019 Electrical conductivity, Volcanoes and Climate Sune O. Rasmussen
Christopher Patrick Govier 2019 Climate Change, Tropical Cyclones and Insurance: An Explorative Study on Tropical Cyclone Wind Speed Maxima In South East Asia And Applications To The Insurance Industry Jens H. Christensen
Jaafar Ahmad Juneidi 2019 Relationship between sea surface temperature anomalies and the distribution and occurrence of tropical cyclones in the North Western Pacific Jens H. Christensen
Floriane Océane Sudre 2019 Sensitivity to Friction Changes: the Case of an Idealized Gullmarn Fjord Markus Jochum
Signe Gevik 2019 Greenland Ice Sheet modelling: A study of calving parametrisations Christine S. Hvidberg
Michelle Shu-Ting Lee 2019 Climate proxies based on the NEEM ice core for the Holocene period 4000-7000 years B2K: An integrated CFA and IEC method for NEEM brittle zone Helle A. Kjær
Paul Vallelonga
Mirjam Martina Läderach 2019 Continuous flow analysis on EastGRIP ice core for the midHolocene period

Helle A. Kjær
Paul Vallelonga

Nicholas Emiliano Robles 2019 Spatial and Temporal Analysis of Greenland Shallow Snow Cores and HIRHAM5 Data Helle A. Kjær
Paul Vallelonga
Paula Aschenbrenner 2019 Climate Model Performance and Projections over West Africa based on ISI-MIP Data Jens H. Christensen
Anja Løkkegaard 2019 Ice Flow and Basal Conditions - A Model Study of the North East Greenland Ice Stream (NEGIS) Christine S. Hvidberg
Olga-Lia Dimopoulou 2019 Observations of Turbulent Dynamics in the Baltic Sea Markus Jochum
Marielle B. Fournier 2019 Tracking convective cold pools - A study of cloud interactions
Dóra Kovács 2018 Characterizing the ice-ocean interaction at the Upernavik Glacier
using in-situ and satellite observations
Aslak Grinsted
Kasper Holst Lund 2018 Indicators of volcanism in ice cores Paul Vallelonga
Niels Ole Ørum 2018 Evaporation from a body of water Hans Christian Steen-Larsen
Bo Møllesøe Vinther
Patrick Zens 2018 Aerosol Input and Snow Accumulation Rates on the Northern Greenland Ice Sheet –Reconstructed by means of Continuous Flow Analysis (CFA) of 6 shallow firn cores
Sonja Wahl 2018 Holocene Climate and Ice Flow of the Renland Ice Cap Bo Møllesøe Vinther
Samuel Black 2018 Analysis of chemistry in 6 shallow cores from Northern Greenland Helle Astrid Kjær
Mastawesha Misganaw Engdaw

Assessing Future Changes in Drought in CORDEX Regional Climate Models over Drought Prone Region; East Africa

Jens Hesselbjerg Christensen
Benjamin Halager Andersen 2018 Application of Wavelets to Nonlinear Partial Differential Equations and The Phenomenon of Turbulence Peter Ditlevsen
Peder Heiselberg 2017 The effect on Agulhas Rings by the Southern Ocean wind stress Markus Jochum
Karina Hansen 2017 Speed sensitivity analysis of a Southwestern Greenland tidewater glacier Aslak Grinsted
Jason E. Box
Thomas Søndergaard Eriksen 2017 Determining the driving processes of the Atlantic Meridional Overturning Circulation from CCSM data Markus Jochum
Camilla Marie Jensen 2017 A new continuous detection technique for sodium in ice cores using an ion selective electrode Paul Vallelonga
Lisa Lolk Hauge 2017 The Lightweight In-Situ Analysis BoxConstructing a portable firn core melter for Greenland snow accumulation studies  Paul Vallelonga
Laxmi Paudel 2017 Methane concentration measurements from individual small ice cores samples Thomas Blunier
Martin Vindbæk Madsen 2017 Quantifying Snow-Atmosphere Water Isotopic Exchange through Eddy Covariance Fluxes Hans Christian Steen-Larsen
Lisa Lea Jach 2017 Land-Atmosphere Coupling Strength in WRF Eigil Kaas
Søren Borg Nielsen 2016 On The Arctic Temperature Bias in a Climate Model and its Cause Markus Jochum
Dion Häfner 2016 Frictional Control of Cross-Equatorial Flow Markus Jochum
Kurt Roth
Elin Svensson 2016 Reconstruction of Monthly Mean SST Fields for the Baltic Sea, 1883-2011 Markus Jochum

Johanne Øelund 2016 Eddy fluxes in the Norwegian Current Markus Jochum
Morten Hallas 2016 Storm surges of the West Coast Aslak Grinsted
Vasileios Mandrakis 2016 Stable Isotopes of Atmospheric Water Vapor in Copenhagen, Denmark Vasileios Gkinis
Bo Vinther
Michelle Chrabalowski 2016 Renland ice core acidity measurements Helle Astrid Kjær
Mika Lanzky 2016 Ice core Data from Renland. Investigation of firn cores, main cores and evaluation of isotope-enabled GCMs for Renland Bo Møllesøe Vinther
Aske Anguasak Busk Olsen 2016 Speed sensitivity analysis of a southwestern Greenland tidewater glacier Peter Ditlevsen
Markus Tritscher 2016 Detecting Forest Fires from Renland Ice Core Data Anders Svensson
Uta Klönne 2016 Future projections of European heat waves based on an ensemble of regional climate models participating in EURO-CORDEX Peter Ditlevsen Cathrine Fox Maule
Johanne Aagaard 2015 Measurements of total air content of ice from EUROCORE, Greenland Thomas Blunier
Bo M. Vinther
Mads Bruun Poulsen  2015 The Sensitivity of the Southern Ocean Circulation to Local Wind Stress Forcing in a Coarse Resolution Coupled GCM Markus Jochum
Demola Kayode Abdulai 2015 Precise Point Positioning (PPP) Comparison of GPS Greenland data post- processed with Bernese GNSS software and Canadian CSRS Online Service  Eigil Kaas
Christine Schøtt Hvidberg
Shfaqat Abbas Khan
Jonathan Rheinlænder 2015 Interhemispheric climate variability in a pre-industrial control simulation of CCSM4 Markus Jochum
Maria Arvaniti 2015 Application of contactless conductivity detection to ice core analysis Anders Svensson
Sandra Steen Duchnik 2015 Geometry of the ridges on Jupiter's moon Europa Dorthe Dahl-Jensen
Nicholas Rathmann 2015 A helical shell model of turbulence Peter Ditlevsen
Pia Nielsen-Englyst 2015 Impact of Albedo Parametrizations on Surface Mass Balance Runoff on the Greenland Ice Sheet Christine Schøtt Hvidberg
Christian Terkelsen Holme 2015 Assessment of the diffusive properties of the stable water isotopes in the GRIP ice core Dorthe Dahl-Jensen
Jael Isabell Grzymala-Lubansk 2015 d180 of O2 in RICE ice core
Charlotte Ditlevsen 2014 Electrical Conductivity Measurements (ECM) of Greenland ice cores Anders Svensson Christoph Korte
Turid Laksaa 2014 Inertial resonance in the ocean mixed layer Markus Jochum
Ida Ringgaard 2014 The impact of near-inertial waves on the Arctic halocline Markus Jochum
Catalin Tibuleac 2014 Analysis of a shallow ice core from the Northeastern Greenland Ice Stream  Anders Svensson
Birger Hansen
Troels Bøgeholm Mikkelsen 2014 Duffing's Equation - Resonance, Fractal Structure and Period Doubling  Peter Ditlevsen 
Yongbiao Weng 2014 Continuous Flow and Discrete Measurements of the Water Isotopes in an Firn Core from Greenland  Bo Møllesøe Vinther
Tim Jensen 2014 Mass Loss and Surface Displacement Estimates in Greenland from GRACE Christine Schøtt Hvidberg
Iben Koldtoft 2014 Bedrock topography of the Renland Ice Cap, East Greenland - estimated by two methods Christine Schøtt Hvidberg
Trine Schmidt-Jensen 2014 Area changes of Greenland marine terminating glaciers Christine Schøtt Hvidberg
Louise Steffensen Schmidt 2014 Electrical Conductivity Measurements (ECM) of Greenland Ice Cores Christine Schøtt Hvidberg 
Nanna Karlsson
Jonas Haller 2013 Carbon isotopes of methane during the Medieval Climate Anomaly Reto Knutti 
Thomas Blunier
Rasmus Anker Pedersen 2013 Arctic Warming - The Effect of a Reduced Sea Ice Cover on the Vertical Structure of Warming Peter Lang Langen
Eigil Kaas
Signe Hillerup Larsen 2013 Surface mass and energy balance at A.P. Olsen Ice Cap (NE Greenland) Christine Schøtt Hvidberg
Bo Høegh Frederiksen 2013 A Radiative-Convective Model for the Atmosphere of Mars Peter Ditlevsen
Magnus Elleskov Kristensen 2013 NEGIS Phosphate and pH measurements
First continuous Phosphate and pH record from a Greenland shallow ice core
Anders Svensson
Paul Vallelonga
Helle Astrid Kjær
Malte Nordmann Winther 2013 Continous measurements of Nitrous Oxide isotopomers produced by nitrifying and denitrifying bacteria Anders Svensson
Paul Vallelonga
Erika Warming Andersen 2012 A technique for continuous detection of drill liquid in ice core Anders Svensson
Paul Vallelonga
Majbritt Westring Sørensen 2012 Evaluation of the 20th Century Reanalysis for the Greenland area - using meteorological observations and ice core data  Bo Møllesøe Vinther
Anne Wang Petersen 2012 Response of stable water isotopes in Greenland precipitation to varying Eemian ice sheet configurations - a general circulation model study Bo Møllesøe Vinther 
Peter Lang Langen
Sebastian Bender 2012 Measurement of air content in the Greenland ice sheet  Thomas Blunier
Bo Møllesøe Vinther
Anne-Katrine Faber 2012 Influence of the polar front position on stable water isotopes in Greelnad precipitation Peter Lang Langen
Marie Bölsche 2012 Analysis of CO2 and stable isotopes of CO2 in Greenland ice cores
Lea K. D. Sørensen 2012 Oceanographic variability at a boulder reef in the Kattegat  and surrounding waters Peter Ditlevsen
Christian Mohn
Kristine Skovgaard Madsen
Martin Braun 2012 High-resolution Continuous Flow Analysis of early Holocene ice from the Dome Fuji 1 and three sections from the Renland ice core  Anders Svensson
Paul Vallelonga
Lisbeth Tangaa Nielsen 2012 Modelling the Internal Layering of the Greenland Ice Sheet - Investigating a method for modelling proxy profiles in large scale ice sheet models Christine Schøtt Hvidberg
Bo Møllesøe Vinther 
Giuliano Bertagna 2011 Stratigraphic dating of Greenland glacial ice - Case study of Greenland stadial 22 Anders Svensson
Anne Grube 2011  Particulate air pollution and its characteristic sources in the high Arctic at Station Nord, N.E. Greenland. Peter Ditlevsen
Luca Foresta 2011 An attempt of obtaining a chronologically correct reconstruction of the NEEM disturbed section Peter Ditlevsen
Jes Ravnbøl 2011 Stochastic cascade models of two and three dimensional turbulence
Jakob Sievers 2010 Inference of accumulation surfaces by consolidation of isochronous radio-echo sounding data and inverse Monte Carlo method applied on a simple flow model Aslak Grinsted
Lars Guski 2010 Title: Dating of NEEM core from visual stratigraphy Dorthe Dahl-Jensen
Anders Svensson
Helle Astrid Kjær 2010 Phosphate in ice cores - finding a method for continuous detection of phosphate in ice cores  Anders Svensson
Christopher Stowasser 2010 A novel laser-based technique for continuous measurements of methane concentrations from deep ice cores Thomas Blunier
Myriam Guillevic 2010 Design of a combustion oven to obtain the true isotopic composition of pure methane
Andreas Lemark 2010 A study of the Flade Isblink ice cap using a simple ice flow model 
Dorthe Dahl-Jensen
Martin Olesen 2009 Grønlands Indlandsis og den globale opvarmning
Maibritt Esbjørn Nielsen 2009 Early Holocene and Eemian impurity profiles from the NGRIP ice core  Anders Svensson
Lise Lotte Christoffersen 2009 The influence of wind in sea ice motion in the Baffin Bay Anders Svensson
Leif Toudal Pedersen
Peter Jan Van Leeuwen
Roderik van de Wal 
Maria Mygind 2009 Modelling of Geothermal Heat Under the Greenland Ice Sheet by Inversion of Basal Melt rates
Peter Riddersholm Wang 2009 Seasonality over Greenland during the Holocene and possible explanations of the 8.2 kyr event - A study based on the circulation model ECBilt-CLIO Peter Lang Langen
Peter Sperlich 2008 Analysis of trace elements in snow pits from Dronning Maud Land, Antarctica  Hubertus Fischer
Tilo von Dobeneck
Mai Winstrup 2008 Flow pattern of the North East Greenland Ice Stream Christine Schøtt Hvidberg
Peter Nørtoft Nielsen 2008 Conceptual Modelling of Climate-Biosphere Interactions over Geological Time Peter Ditlevsen
Anne Munck Solgaard 2008 Hans Tausen Iskappe, North Greenland Studies Using an Ice Flow Model Christine Schøtt Hvidberg
Sebastian Bjerregaard Simonsen 2008  A New Ice Core Paleothermometer for Holocene and Transition

 Sigfús J. Johnsen

Mads Dam Ellehøj 2007 Subsurface ice on Mars A study on ground ice stability and applications

Christine Schøtt Hvidberg

Asbjørn Persson 2006 Modelling the Flow Induced Evolution of Ice Fabric

Dorthe Dahl-Jensen

Benoît Jens Régis Bizet 2006 High resolution analysis of the NORTHGRIP ice core microstructures and fabrics: A detailed study of the Dansgaard-Oeschger event 1, 8 and 19

Anders Svensson

Inger Seierstad 2005 Annual layer counting in the Bølling-Allerød and Younger Dryas sections of the GRIP ice core using deconvoluted isotope data, dust and chemical data

Sigfús J. Johnsen

Susanne Lilja Buchardt 2005  Dating of the NorthGRIP Ice Core by Inversion of a Simple Flow Model

Dorthe Dahl-Jensen

Søren Wedel Nielsen 2005 Registrering af visuel stratigrafi i NGRIP iskernen

Dorthe Dahl-Jensen
Anders Svensson

Jesper Sjolte 2005 Interpretation of the Isotopic Composition of the Greenland Ice Cores Using Simple Modeling

Sigfús J. Johnsen

Maiken Lolck 2004 Klima, Kold Krig og Iskerner

Henry Nielsen

Remi Chalmas 2004

Bo Møllesøe Vinther 2003 Seasonal δ18O Signals in Greenland Ice Cores

Katrine Krogh Andersen Aksel Walløe Hansen

Trine E Strømfeldt 2003 Antropogen forurening afspejlet i en grønlandsk iskerne

Niels Kjær 2003 Ændringer i atmosfærens kemiske sammensætning ud fra Grønlandske iskerner ? de seneste 220 år

Signe Aaboe 2003  

Peter Lang Langen 2002 Cryospheric feedbacks in dynamically stabilized box-models of the climate  

John Ray Bates

Sune Olander Rasmussen 2002 Dynamisk Dekorrelation anvendt til iskernedatering

Aslak Grinsted 2002 "Where is the Eemian ice at NorthGRIP?" Inverse Monte Carlo analysis applied to NorthGRIP ice core data.

Kaj Mantzius Hansen 2001 Textures and fabrics of ice crystals in the GRIP ice core - A detailed study of glacial interstadial 3

Anders Svensson
Dorthe Dahl-Jensen 

Karen G. Schmidt  2001 An ice crystal model for Jupiter's moon Europa

Janus J. Larsen 2000 Ice on Mars -A temperature, a mass balance and an ice flow model of the north polar ice cap on Mars

Camilla Geels 1999 Atmosfærisk støvtransport til Grønland. Analyseret ud fra modelsimuleringer og støvmålinger. 

Aksel Walløe Hansen













Magnus Quaade Oddershede 2022 Modelling of Ocean Turbulence:
Effects of resolution on predictive power of ocean models
Markus Jochum
Nicolai Riisbjerg Jørgensen 2022 Isotope-Ratio Mass Spectrometry: Optimization and Measurements Thomas Blunier
Rasmus Arentoft Nielsen
2022 Karakteristik af bratte klimaskift ved hjælp af ramp fitting Sune O. Rasmussen
Aslak Grinsted
Carina Theresa Heller Bunde 2021 Christine S. Hvidberg
Yulii Bardenshtein 2021 The role of wind parameters in Rogue Wave probability predictions Markus Jochum
Rasmus Ranum Hansen 2021 Solving the turbulence closure problem I - The tropical ocean mixed layer Markus Jochum
Jeppe Jon Cederholm
Laura Lund Rysager
2021 A Marine Outlet Glacier Model - A Model Based on the Perfect Plastic Approximation Christine S. Hvidberg
Marie Cecilie Boysen 2020 Godfrey’s Island Rule and the Indonesian Through Flow Markus Jochum
Elloise Jensen Fangel-Lloyd 2020 Assessing the validity of an ice core temperature profile generated from satellite data Bo M. Vinther
Helene Pehrsson 2020 Marine outlet glacier dynamics in Greenland

Christine S. Hvidberg
Mikkel Victor Bregning Christensen 2020 Christine S. Hvidberg
Mikkel Svendsen 2020 Christine S. Hvidberg
Lene Bonde 2020 Christine S. Hvidberg
Anna Maria Klüssendorf 2020 Studies Of Dansgaard-Oeschger Climate Events From Greenland Ice Cores Dorthe Dahl-Jensen
Helene Pehrsson 2020 Marine outlet glacier dynamics in Greenland Christine Schøtt Hvidberg
Marta Agnieszka Mrozowska 2019 On the connection between upwelling, opal deposit rates and atmospheric CO2 concentration Markus Jochum
Niels Schøtt Hvidberg 2019 Empirical Orthogonal Functions as a Climate Data Analysis Tool Sune O. Rasmussen
Guido Vettoretti
Maliha Khan 2019 Forbush Decreases and Atmospheric Parameters Eigil Kaas
Jesper Rask Pedersen 2018 No slip lateral boundary conditions for Veros

Markus Jochum

Mikkel Rasmus Schmidt 2018 Water Isotope Measurements and Chemical Analysis of Shallow Snow Cores 

Naya Sophie Rye Jørgensen
2017 Investigating Bimodal Variability of the Kuroshio with High Resolution Climate Model

Markus Jochum

Andy Morris 2017 A Comparison of Equatorial Undercurrent:
POP2 Model and Measurement

Markus Jochum

Ann-Sofie P. Zinck 2016 Greenland Ice Sheet Evolution and Contribution to Sea Level

Kasper Holst Lund 2016 Correlation between Sea Ice Extent and Sodium Concentration in the RECAP Ice Core

Paul Vallelonga
Helle Astrid kjær

Mathias Skov Jensen 2016 An improved mid-Holocene Tephrochronology for the NGRIP ice core

Sune Olander Rasmussen

Lars Reiter Nielsen 2016 Stability analysis of power grip topologies

Marie Holst Riis 2015 Dating and analysis of the Antarctic Rice Ice Core

Martin V. Madsen 2015 Ice flow modelling - Employing a Dansgaard Johnsen model in the North East Greenland Ice Stream

Dorthe Dahl-Jensen

Niels Ørum 2015 Measurements and analysis of stable isotopes from the 2012 South Dome ice core

Bo Møllesøe Vinther

Vega Theil Carstensen
2013 The tropical Atlantic near-inertial velocity from Eulerian observations at moored measurement stations

Markus Jochum

Christian T. Holme 2013 Analysis of the isotopic composition of the NEGIS ice core including a comparison with coastal temperature data 

Bo Mølløse Vinther
Trevor Popp

Karl-Søren Geertsen
2013 Determination of Reference Velocities in the
North Atlantic based on Physical Oceanographic
Inverse Methods

Markus Jochum

Søren Borg Nielsen 2013 Oceanic Near-Inertial Waves induced by atmospheric storms - a quantitative analysis of a coupled climate model

Markus Jochum

Trine Schmidt Jensen
Mathilde Thorn Poulsen
2012 Investigation of a technique for determination of pH in ice cores by means of optical colourimetry

Anders Svensson
Paul Vallelonga

Oliver Ackermann Lylloff 2011 Modelling heat conduction in ice sheets Aslak Grinsted
Christine Schøtt Hvidberg
Erik Warming Andersen  2010 Dannelsen af Kryokonitehuller i is Afhængighed af istype og urenheder Aslak Grinsted
Christine Schøtt Hvidberg
Helle Astrid Kjær 2008 Comparison between Greenland precipitation observations and a regional climate model
Lars Berg Larsen 2007 Glacio-kemisk undersøgelse af fortidige vulkanudbrud, med særlig henblik på det 6. århundrede AD
Trine Cecilie Larsen
Maibritt Esbjørn Nielsen
2007 Datering af tidlig Holocen is baseret på højopløst GRIP δ18O dataserie Anders Svensson
Anne Munck Solgaard
Gry Andrup-Henriksen
2005 Kortlægningen af bundsmeltningen under Nioghalvfjerdsfjorden Gletscher i Nordøstgrønland Anders Svensson
Andreas Ahlstrøm
Niels Reeh
Andreas Lemark
Jóhanna Rasmussen

2005 Undersøgelser af højtopløst kemi i Interstadials 3 og 4 i NGRIP iskernen
Mai Winstrup 2004 Stratigrafi i iskapperne på Mars
Mads Dam Ellehøj
Nanna Bjørnholt Karlsson
Peter R. Wang
2004 Iskapper på Mars - den nordlige iskappes stratigrafi og flydemønster
Louise Wedderkopp Bjerrum
Hedinn Björnsson 
Thomas Bjerring Kristensen
2004 Undersøgelse af klimasignal i perioden 1245-1851 ud fra havsaltssignalet i NGRIP-iskernen Katrine Krogh Andersen
Marie Louise Siggaard-Andersen
Thore Jürgensen
Trine Ebbensgaard
Kold event i Allerød
Susanne Buchardt
Sisse Lundholm
Ditte Nielsen

2002 Sammenligning af overfladesneens kemiske sammensætning
for de sidste 3-4 år med meteorologiske data ved NGRIP
på Grønlands Indlandsis.
Pauli Baadsager
Asbjørn Persson
2001 En undersøgelse af årstidsvariation i krystalstørrelsen i Holocen is fra NGRIP Christine Schøtt Hvidberg
Anders Svensson








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