Workshops: NBI-CHEM-BIO

The mechanical workshop is a joint facility located at Science servicing the Department of Biology, Department of Chemistry and The Niels Bohr Institute. The electronics workshop is a NBI facility but we will be happy to assist other institutes with minor tasks by appointment. The workshops are managed by NBI.

Workshops at the Niels Bohr Institute - NBI - KEMI - BIO. Workshops at the Niels Bohr Institute - NBI - KEMI - BIO. Workshops at the Niels Bohr Institute - NBI - KEMI - BIO. Workshops at the Niels Bohr Institute - NBI - KEMI - BIO. Workshops at the Niels Bohr Institute - NBI - KEMI - BIO. Workshops at the Niels Bohr Institute - NBI - KEMI - BIO. Workshops at the Niels Bohr Institute - NBI - KEMI - BIO.











The workshops constitute a framework for the technical environments and functions servicing all research groups and teaching at the participating institutes. We help with development, fabrication, service and running of all kinds of research instruments and teaching equipment.
We interact closely with external suppliers and Science Campus Service when needed.

We have a motto: “We build what you can’t buy”

Where do I go with my task?

If you already have contact to one of our colleagues in the workshops just talk to him/her directly.

For every day jobs, you can contact one of the team managers:
Mechanical workshop: Dennis Wistisen
Electronics workshop: Claus B. Sørensen

If you are planning to enter into a larger project or you do not know whom to talk to, please contact the Head of Technical Support Claus B. Sørensen. We will then find the relevant staff member to help you.

Our technical competences span a wide range of knowledge such as:

  • Electronics
  • Mechanics
  • Software
  • Vacuum technique
  • Low temperature techniques
  • Environment instrument requirement surveys (Analysis of vibration, magnetics field and acoustics)




































The electronics workshop is staffed with 5 engineers/technicians and 1 apprentice that service the NBI research groups with new designs and repair of existing equipment.

Claus B. Sørensen
Team manager for the electronics workshop is Claus B. Sørensen.

The workshop has a wide expertise with e.g. microcontrollers, analog and digital electronics, data acquisition, control systems and firmware programming.

We have small PCB milling machine for 2 layer PCB’s intended for rapid prototyping, and a reflow oven for assembly of PCB’s. For multilayer PCB’s we have good contacts with external suppliers.

























The mechanical workshop is staffed with 9 engineers/technicians and 2 apprentices. The workshop service research groups at the Dep of Biology, Dep of Chemistry and NBI with new designs and repair of existing equipment.

Dennis Wistisen
Team manager for the mechanical workshop is Dennis Wistisen

We have a well-equipped machine shop with conventional machines and well as CNC controlled lathes and milling machines. We specialize in building custom made prototypes and small series of mechanical parts.

The workshop has a wide expertise with mechanical design and manufacture of components and equipment using 3D CAD and CAM.

We also do welding and hard soldering of vacuum components for low to Ultra High Vacuum applications.





































































































































You are more than welcome to come by the workshops to meet with us in person over a cup of coffee.

We are located at:
Universitetsparken 4
Building 24 and 25
2100 København Ø.

Opening hours:
Monday to Thursday: 8:30 - 16:30
Friday: 8.30 – 14:00


Head of Technical Support and team manager for the electronics workshop: Claus B. Sørensen

Team manager for the mechanical workshop: Dennis Wistisen


















Head of Technical Support: Claus B. Sørensen

Head of Technical Support at the Workshops: Claus B. Sørensen


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Anders Palmelund BSc Engineering Billede af Anders Palmelund
Bent Neumann Jensen Research Technician. Billede af Bent Neumann Jensen
Casper Stolarczyk Jensen Electronics Technician Trainee Billede af Casper Stolarczyk Jensen
Claus Birger Sørensen Engineer Billede af Claus Birger Sørensen
Dennis Westphal Wistisen Research Technician. Billede af Dennis Westphal Wistisen
Grant Vernon Boeckmann Engineer Billede af Grant Vernon Boeckmann
Jan Høxbro Fagerlund Research Technician. Billede af Jan Høxbro Fagerlund
Jonas Riff Larsen Research Technician. Billede af Jonas Riff Larsen
Laust Palbo Nielsen Industrial Technician Trainee Billede af Laust Palbo Nielsen
Michael Heide Bernt Precision Mechanic Billede af Michael Heide Bernt
Mikkel Knudsen Edslev Research Technician. Billede af Mikkel Knudsen Edslev
Palle Koch Engineer Billede af Palle Koch
Rene Stennow Gotfredsen Skilled worker, FU Billede af Rene Stennow Gotfredsen
Smitha Nair Themadath Academic Staff Billede af Smitha Nair Themadath
Sune Stausgaard-Petersen Assistant Engineer Billede af Sune Stausgaard-Petersen
Søren Børsting Research Technician. Billede af Søren Børsting
Thomas Hedegaard Research Technician. Billede af Thomas Hedegaard