8 September 2015

Space Station seen from Chile

Dane in space

Here is a rather special picture of the International Space Station with Andreas Mogensen on board.

ESO’s La Silla Observatory in Chile in the night

Uffe Gråe Jørgensen, an astronomer at the Niels Bohr Institute is leading a project called MiNDSTEp to find Exoplanets. The project has been running for several years from the Danish 1.54m telescope at ESO’s La Silla Observatory in Chile. 

At present, a PhD student from Aarhus, René Tronsgaard Rasmussen,
Is sitting at the telescope and keeping an eye on the planets and he sent this photo, which he took during the night between Saturday and Sunday, as Andreas Mogensen and the other astronauts flew over Chile.

Seen in the forefront is the building with the Danish 1.54m telescope, the Milky Way and the stars of the Southern Hemisphere are above the dome and the streak of light through the Milky Way is the International Space Station.