9 April 2015

ESS – the world’s most powerful neutron source for research

The ESS, European Spallation Source is a new European super-research facility that will be located in the Øresund Region. The research facilities will be located in Lund, Sweden, while the data management centre will be located in Copenhagen.

The film recounts the struggle and the long road to bring the ESS to Scandinavia and the great potential in the future research. Two small countries on the edge of Europe working together on an ambitious research project was nowhere near enough to make the project a reality. They needed support from the major countries in Europe and from the outset, the Danish-Swedish ESS project was considered to be an outsider with very little chance of success. But with strong driving forces in the research world and politics, they succeeded in getting Europe to support bringing the ESS to Scandinavia.

The ESS will be the world’s most powerful neutron source for research into substances ranging from membranes and molecules to magnetic materials and superconductors, technology for the storage of hydrogen energy and research on all types of surfaces. This will involve substances in the fields of physics, biology, health, geology and engineering and will have a big impact on the business, research and educational environments.

Produced af:
Søren Bruun, The Compound
Kenneth Sorento, Film and Photography

Produced for: Niels Bohr Institutet

Produced with support of:
Vækstforum Hovedstaden
Den Europæiske Fond for Regionaludvikling

Length: 28:33