20 May 2015

Fusion Energy - A solar power plant on earth

The film describes the physics of fusion on a basic level and how experimental and theoretical scientists are gradually approaching profitable energy production through nuclear fusion.

For decades, people around the world have dreamed of producing energy that does not emit dangerous greenhouse gases using fusion. There is no danger of uncontrolled nuclear reactions, there is no hazardous waste or radiation and the fuel can be derived from seawater. The dream of producing energy here on Earth using nuclear fusion has previously been unattainable. It has required much more energy to fuse atoms that you got out of the process.

But now the collaboration between researchers and industry from several EU countries has intensified in the hunt for clean and cheap fusion energy with COST Action MP1208, which aims to develop a scientific research network for nuclear fusion in Europe.

Host: Jacob Trier Frederiksen, Astrophysics and Planetary Science, Niels Bohr Institute
Produced by: The Compound for the Niels Bohr Institute, 2015
Length: 13:05