7 August 2012

Physics Olympiad in Denmark 2013

The Olympics are not only a contest for all sorts of talented practitioners of physical sports – The Olympics are also a competition for all sorts of talented young minds who are vying to wind the world championships in physics.

The Physics Olympiad was started in 1967 as a local competition among the Eastern European states and the former Soviet Union. Since then it has spread and there are now 90 countries participating. There are countries from around the world and in 1996 they came to Denmark for the first time and we have participated each year ever since.

Denmark has been chosen to be a host country for the Physics Olympiad in 2013.

The Danish Committee is comprised of physicists from DTU, the Niels Bohr Institute and Birkerød Gymnasium. Approximately 400 young people will be participating in the international competition, which takes place in Copenhagen in 2013.

Produced by: Wonderful Copenhagen
Length: 5.57 min.