11 October 2012


Is Earth unique or just one of many habitable planets? Can we find evidence of life elsewhere? These questions have occupied mankind for centuries, but it's just fifteen years ago, the first planet around a Sun-like star outside our own solar system was discovered. Now we know thousands of such "exoplanet" systems, most of which are totally different from our own solar system. Observations of exoplanets gives interesting information about the planetary atmospheres and possible signs of life.

The program shows how to find exoplanets by NASA's Kepler space mission, whose unique accurate measurements allows to find planets as small as Earth.

Host: Lars Buchhave, astrophysicist, Niels Bohr Institute
Produceret by: The Compound for the Niels Bohr Institute, 2012
Produceret with funding support from: Marie and MB Richters Foundation
Duration: 9:19