29 June 2012

Solar storms and space weather

The sun is precisely in these years, moving into its next active period, which peaks in 2013. The explosive magnetic activity, called Solar storms affect the Earth. Powerful Solar storms can cause errors in the powergrid and even collapse. Solar storms are also a health risk to astronauts due to the strong cosmic radiation. New research investigates whether there is a connection between the Earth's global climate and the solar magnetic activity by cosmic particles that can penetrate deeper into the Earth's atmosphere and produce more clouds and thus contribute to variations in the Earth's heat balance.

Host: Jacob Trier Frederiksen, astrophysicist, Astrophysics and Planetary Science, Niels Bohr Institute

Produced by: The Compound for the Niels Bohr Institute
Produceret with funding support from: Danish Agency for Science and Innovation, Space Science
Duration: 9:40