Workshop on Spatial Organisation of Convection, Clouds and Precipitation

A virtual meeting from 5-7 May 2021:

Today, the modelling of Earth's atmosphere is performed at such high spatio-temporal resolution, that it sometimes is difficult to distinguish observations from models. However, fundamental understanding of what drives pattern-formation in the cloud fields and its effect on precipitation and the cloud feedback remain to be uncovered. Extreme precipitation events - representing an immediate threat to humans and infrastructure - are still not well understood, but often related to the formation of cloud clusters. The basic mechanism underlying tropical cloud clustering over the ocean, leading to the Madden-Julian Oscillation and hurricanes, is not convincingly narrowed down.

This workshop aims to provide an interactive platform to present and discuss ongoing work and open questions about organised and self-organised phenomena in cloud fields. We especially invite thought-provoking contributions and new ideas.

More about the workshop here: