Bachelor thesis defense by Kristoffer Vorm

Incorporation of bio-relevant proteins into SBA-15 synthesized with different morphology

In an effort to aid the oral vaccine development different proteins have been incorporated into SBA-15 in a 1:10 mass ratio (protein:SBA-15). Ultraviolet-visible spectroscopy experiments allowed for comparable quantification of the protein uptake of four SBA-15 with different morphology.

Thermogravimetric analysis showed how a percentage of the incorporated SBA-15 mass was water and coupled with FTIR it confirmed the presence of protein. The distribution of the protein was expressed in a chemical image, based on Raman spectroscopy and depicted how lighter areas in a white light image correlates to a higher protein concentration.

Finally a X-ray micro-CT image revealed carbon inclusions in the version of SBA-15 with the maximium anatoxin uptake using the minimum amount of SBA-15.