Master Thesis Defense: Asbjørn Sørensen Bols

Title: Anomalous couplings of the top quark


The top quark has the exclusive advantage of being the optimal candidate to reveal the mystery of physics beyond the Standard Model of particle physics.

Anomalous contributions to tt production can be investigated in the framework of Standard Model Effective Field Theory. The Future Circular Collider (FCC) process e+e- → tt will be simulated using the IDEA detector setup and investigated with the aim to gauge the potential experimental sensitivity to anomalous top contributions. The project will focus on semileptonic decay configurations of a tt system.

Event selection is used to select the collision events of interest with respect to background and apply a kinematic reconstruction to determine the complete kinematic configuration of each event. This allows to determine the production cross section and investigate potential observables for their sensitivity to anomalous contributions. The final goal is to fit the anomalous gauge coupling parameters using both the kinematical observables and cross section information.