Master Thesis defense by Elias Roos Hansen

Title: Classical Gravitational Scattering in KMOC and Worldline Effective Field Theory

Abstract: The classical gravitational scattering of two black holes are considered from two different computational schemes: First, the Kosower-Maybee-O'Connell (KMOC) formalism and second, the worldline effective field theory approach. In the former, full scattering amplitudes with both negative and positive powers of Planck's constant eventually lead to just classical contributions, while in the worldline formalism only classical contributions are computed from the outset.

Nevertheless, as I will demonstrate, these two formalisms are intimately related.

Time and Place: Wednesday, December 22 at 1:15 PM in Aud. A, Blv.

Adviser: Poul Henrik Damgaard

External examiner: Jan Plefka, Humboldt University