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The Niels Bohr Institute engages in collaboration with a wide range of companies within core research areas where the Institute is at the forefront in quantum technologies, quantum computing and communications, X-ray and neutron scattering, Big Data and in high-tech development of instruments in various fields.

We have given a short overview of possibilities here but you can also visit the University of Copenhagen’s portal for business collaboration.






Companies and organizations can obtain access to commercial development and use of patented inventions from researchers at the Niels Bohr Institute. The Tech Trans Office at University of Copenhagen is responsible for ensuring the process and handles intellectual property rights. They also hold a catalogue of UCPH inventions available for licensing.  

Within quantum technologies, NBI researchers have successfully commercialized research ideas that have given rise to new spin-out companies.

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As a company, you have various opportunities for collaboration with our students – and the benefits are many. Our students can assist in solving your specific challenges, and you can gain new methodological and theoretical input while obtaining new perspectives on the organization. Furthermore, it can be an advantage to strengthen the contact to NBI’s research and educational environments with regard to knowledge transfer and strategies for recruitment.

Whether at BSc or MSc level, a project-based internship can be a great opportunity for both the company and the student. For a successful internship, it is important to make a timely and well-prepared plan, and consider the level of time and commitment from both sides in order to match expectations.

How to get started on collaboration with our students (framework for thesis collaboration) >>

Find inspiration in the UCPH pamphlet on internships here: