Study spaces

The library offers a number of study spaces for students, but please keep in mind:

Rules at the library area

  • For the sake of our collection, please respect these rules regarding food and drinks:
    • ALLOWED: Snacks (chips, dried fruit, fruit, etc.); coffee/tea/soda
    • NOT ALLOWED: Pizza; lunch boxes; hot food, alcoholic beverages
  • Please keep your phone on silent in the silent reading hall.
  • The printer and the library PC must only be used for educational and study related purposes.
  • Please clean up after yourself - leave the study spaces in a tidy state when you leave.


If you go from the library hallway towards the K-building, you will find more study spaces along the window side. Notice the power outlets are hidden behind the curtains.

Window spaces


Walking towards the K-building from the library hallway will lead you to more study spaces up by the balcony. Here is also ideal for group work.

Next to the balcony