23 April 2018

PhD student awarded the NBI TA prize for teaching in Linear Algebra


Anine Borger receives the Niels Bohr Institute TA prize for block 1+2.

The prize for the best TA at Niels Bohr Institute is awarded for only the second time. The prize is given twice a year for blocks 3+4 and 5+1+2 respectively. The prize was established by the Teaching Committee based on a recommendation from the Physics Students Council.

Anine Borger with the TA-trophy

Anine Borger receives here Niels Bohr Institute TA prize for block 1+2.

The aim of the prize is to promote particularly inspiring teaching to future TAs and to students, who have been part of the nomination process through the course evaluations.

This time the prize is awarded to Anine Borger who has taught a number of courses during her PhD, most recently the course Linear Algebra in Scinece (LinAlgNat) for first year physics bachelor students.

In the course LinAlgNat, Anine was particularly commended for her dissemination skills, making relatively abstract topics more comprehensible for the students, and for giving the students good feedback about their learning process.

The prize was awarded in connection with the NBI teacher workshop on Friday April 20th by Deputy Head of Institute for Teaching, Kim Splittorff, on behalf of the Teaching Committee. At the workshop, Anine gave a presentation about teaching, and afterwards there was the awarding of the prize and a reception.