Anja C. Andersen

Anja C. Andersen


CV – Anja C. Andersen
ResearcherID: P-4822-2014ORCID:0000-0001-8169-7273 

2011 – Leadership training course for female academics, University of Copenhagen
2003 – Diploma in Higher Education Teaching and Teaching Practice, University of Copenhagen
1999 – Ph.D. in astrophysics from University of Copenhagen
1995 – M.Sc. in Physics and Astronomy from University of Copenhagen 

Academic positions:
Since 2017 Professor of Public Understanding of Science and Technology, University of Copenhagen
2005 – 2017 Associate Professor at Dark Cosmology Centre, Niels Bohr Institute, University of Copenhagen
2002 – 2005 Fellow at the Nordic Institute for Theoretical Physics (NORDITA) 
2001 – 2002 Postdoc at University of Copenhagen (Carlsberg Fellow)
2000 – 2001 Postdoc at Uppsala University (Carlsberg Fellow)
1999 – 2000 Research assistant at Danmarks Lærerhøjskole
1996 – 1999 PhD-student at University of Copenhagen and AIU Frederich-Schiller Universität Jena
1995 – 1996 Science lecturer at Copenhagen Day- and Evening College of Teacher Training (KDAS)

Awards and honours:
2018 – Ebbe Munch’s Prize from H.M. Queen Margrethe II
2017 – Danish Author Society’s award for outstanding non-fiction.
2016 – TheØrsted Silver Medal for dissemination of Natural Science.
2015 – Danish Physical Society’s UNESCO Year ofLight prize for Outstanding Public Outreach.
2014 – Direktør N. Bang og hustru Yrsa Bang fødtTroensegaards Scholarship for Outstanding Research. 
2011 – The Copenhagen University’s Faculty of Science Public OutreachAward.
2009 – Bergsøefondens Prizefor Outstanding Public Outreach.
2009 – The Mathilde Prize for contributions towards Equity in Academia.
2008 – The DanishAssociation of Masters and PhDs Research Prize.
2007 – Elected member of TheDanish Academy of Technical Sciences (ATV).
2006 – Awarded The DanishPublic TV and Radio’s Rosenkjærpris for Outstanding Public Outreach.
2006 – The Kirstine Meyer’sAward by the Danish Society for Natural Sciences (SNU).
2006 – Outstanding Young Person TOYP 2006 for ”Academic achievement and leadership”.
2005 – The Descartes prizefor Outstanding Science Communication by the European Union.
2004 – The National DanishAward for Outstanding Public Outreach by the Danish Minister ofResearch. 
2000 – The Allan MacIntosh'Public Outreach Award.
1997 – Writer of the Year bythe Danish Astronomical Society.

Astrophysics of dust. Cosmic dust particles play an important role for the thermal, dynamical and chemical conditions in many astrophysical environments, especially for the star and planet formation process and the late stages of stellar evolution. Dust particles determine the spectral appearance of proto-stars as well as of evolved stars with circumstellar envelopes, and they also dominate extinction curves of galaxies.

Public Outreach:
Regularly interviewed (2-3 times per month) for TV, radio (i.e. EuroNews, Danish, Swedish and British Broadcast), newspapers,and magazines on topics of astrophysics, space physics, space technology, andgender in academia. Have written numerous (> 60) popular science papers as well as several (>6) popular astronomy books and numerous commentaries (>25 ) on Gender in Academia. Present talks at schools, high-schools, public libraries,planetariums etc. Currently write a bi-monthly column on astrophysics research (1000 words) for the DanishNewspaper Weekendavisen.

Have taught at both undergraduate and graduatelevel at University of Copenhagen and Uppsala University. Currently teaching a BSc courses on Stellar Structure and Evolution and a general astronomy course for non-physics majors Astronomy. Have previously taught a MSc course on Compact Objects and Relativistic Astrophysics. 

Have supervised 5 postdocs, 7 PhD, 4 MSc, 13 BSc and several (>100) first year students on their physics projects. 
Chaired 9 Ph.D.-dissertation committeesat the University of Copenhagen and been a member of 6 Ph.D.-dissertation committees abroad (Uppsala University, Frederick-SchillerUniversität Jena and Lund University).
Part of University of Copenhagen’s mentor networkfor mentoring of young female scientists.

Appointments to boards and learned societies:
2013 – Governing Board of the University of Copenhagen (KU bestyrelse). 
2013 – Chair of the board of Directors of the Danish Copenhagen University Extension (FolkeuniversitetetKøbenhavn)
2013 – Board member of Dr.N.P. Wieth-Knudsen Fondet
2010 – Danish National SpaceBoard (Det Nationale Rumudvalg)
2010 – Board member ofBergsøe Fondet (chair since 2016)
2007 – Elected to the Academyof Technical Sciences (ATV), Denmark
2010 – 13 ESA’s Astronomy WorkingGroup (AWG)
2008 – 13 Advisory Board of the Technical University of Denmark (DTU-repræsentantskab)
2008 – 13 Advisory Board for DTUSpace
2006 – 15 Board member of DanishScience Factory, deputy chair since 2013
1995 – 03 Chair of the DanishNetwork for Women in Physics (KIF)

Institutional responsibilities:
2014 – 15 Rector’s Task Force forimproving diversity in academia, University of Copenhagen.
2013 – 17 Staff representative atthe Niels Bohr Institute for the Danish Association of Masters and PhDs (TR).
2005 – Teaching Committee (Undervisnings Udvalg), Niels Bohr Institute.
2007 – 11 Strategy Committee (Visions Udvalg), Niels Bohr Institute.
2007 – 09 Rector’s Task Force forgender equality in academia, University of Copenhagen.

Community service: 
Often used as refereeby a diversity of the major relevant journals. Referee on average 1–2 papersper year. Regularly used (2–4 times per year) as an evaluator by variousnational research foundations for grant proposals, as well as by the EuropeanSouthern Observatory for evaluation of observing proposals. Have also severaltimes served as an external expert in relation to various European Universitieshire of associate professors. 

Evaluator for: 
US National Science Foundation (NSF) – (research proposals) 
Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DG) – (research proposals and programs)
European Commission Space Research Unit at REA – (research proposals)
European Research Council (ERC) – (remote evaluator of consolidator proposals)
European Commission Descartes Prize – (ranking of nominations)
UK Particle Physics and Astronomy Research Council – (research proposals) 
Austrian Academy of Sciences – (research proposals)
Swedish National Space Board (SNSB) – (research proposals) 
Swedish Research Counsil (VR) – (research proposals)
Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences – (the Göran Gustafsson Prize)
Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research (NWO) – (research proposals)
Research Foundation Flanders (FWO) – (research proposals)
Catholic University Leuven, Belgium – (hire of permanent lecturer) 
Lund University, Sweden – (hire of permanent lecturer)
University of Toledo – (promotion to professor)
Uppsala University – (hire of permanent lecturer)
Danish Technical University (DTU Space) – (promotion to senior scientist)
Nordic Institute of Theoretical Physics (NORDITA) – (hire of postdocs/associates)
ESO observing committee (panel C) – (observing proposals)

Volume 4 of The International Journal of Astrobiology (2005)
Proceedings of Science: The Life Cycle of Dust in the Universe:Observations, Theory, and Laboratory Experiments (2014)

Referee of scientific journals: 
Astronomy and Astrophysics (A&A)
Astrophysics Journal Letters (ApJL)
Journal of Quantitative Spectroscopy and Radiative Transfer (JQSRT)
Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta
Journal of Applied Optics
Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society (MNRAS)
Journal for Mineralogy and Petrology
Astronomische Nachrichten (AN)
Cambridge University Press’ Planetary Science Series

Memberships of professional societies:
International Astronomical Union (IAU)
European Astronomical Society (EAS)
European Physical Society (EPS)
Meteoritical Society
Academy of the Technical Sciences (ATV)
Danish Physical Society (DFS)

Scientific organizingcommittees (SOC):
2018 Co-chair of theInternational Conference: Cosmic Dust: Origin, Applications & Implications,Copenhagen, Denmark.
2014 Co-chair of theInternational symposia: Origin of Cosmic Dust, Geneva, Switzerland. 
2013 International Conference:The life cycle of dust in the universe, Taipei, Taiwan.
2013 Annual European meeting: The European Week of Astronomy and Space Science, Turku, Finland.
2009 Co-chair InternationalWorkshop: Current Problems in Extragalactic Dust, Copenhagen, Denmark.
2009 International Summer School:CompSchool 2009, Copenhagen, Denmark.
2008 International Conference: CosmicDust - Near and Far, Heidelberg, Germany.
2008 International Conference:Chirality 2008, Stockholm, Sweden.
2007 Splinter D meeting: TheChemical Evolution of the Universe on its Smallest Scales, Wurzburg, Germany.
2006 Co-chair of JD11: Pre-solar Grains as Astrophysical Tools, IAU XXVIth GeneralAssembly, Prague, Czech Republic.
2005 Nordic Conference:Astrobiology and Origins of Life, Copenhagen, Denmark.
2004 Nordic Conference:Astrobiological problems for physicist and biologists, Tuorla, Finland.
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