Dorthe Dahl-Jensen

Dorthe Dahl-Jensen


Primary fields of research

Reconstruction of climate records from ice cores and borehole data. Ice flow models to date ice cores. Continuum mechanical properties of anisotropic ice. Ice in the solar system. The history and evolution of the Greenland Ice Sheet.



Current research

My research is strongly connected to the research projects I lead:

The Centre of Excellence for Ice and Climate uses ice core data to gain knowledge on the climate in past warm climate periods, especially the Eemian period 130.000 years to 115.000 years before present. The European Union Framework 7 program Past4Future I coordinate combines the ice core records with paleaorecords fro other sources in order to reconstruct the climate of warm periods in our past. The newly granted ERC program WATERundertheICE uses radio echo sounding data together with ice flow models to map the water under the ice and understand the waters impact on the evolution of the Greenland Ice Sheet. Our research group leads the NEEM deep drilling project on the Greenland Ice Sheet with the purpose of drilling ice from the past warm climate periods. See our home pages , and



I teach and supervise mostly projects related to ice and climate, including ice in the Solar System. My expertice is mainly in teoretically modelling and with a background in geophysics I also supervise in more goephysical and geological modelling projects.

Fields of interest

I am so privilliged that my research interests are fully overlapping with my present research. I beleive it is very important to contribute in both the scientific and the public debat on melting ice in a changing climate. The evolution of the big ice sheets is a very 'hot' subject and I beleive our ice and climate research is a very important contribution in improving our understanding of the climate system.

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