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> 300 refereed publications with > 20000 citations listed in the Astrophysics Data System
~20 scientific papers in Nature or Science
Most cited paper: J. Hjorth et al. Nature 423, 847–850 (2003): > 1000 citations
h-index (number of publications with more than h citations): 79

  1. Published

    ”Scientific dishonesty”?

    Nosch, Marie Louise Bech, Dyre, J., Gregersen, Frans & Hjorth, Jens, 11 Oct 2013, In: Weekendavisen. 1 p.

    Research output: Contribution to journalContribution to newspaper - Comment/debateCommunication

  2. Published

    YSE/Pan-STARRS1 Transient Discovery Report for 2020-01-31

    Jones, D. O., French, K. D., Agnello, Adriano, Angus, Charlotte, Ansari, Zoe, Arendse, Nikki, Gall, Christa, Grillo, C., Bruun, S. H., Cold, Cecilie, Hjorth, Jens, Izzo, Luca, Korhonen, Heidi Helena, Raimundo, Sandra, Ramanah, D. K., Sarangi, Arka, Wojtak, Radoslaw Jan, Chambers, K. C., Huber, M. E., Magnier, E. A., Boer, T. J. L. D., Fairlamb, J. R., Lin, C. C., Wainscoat, R. J., Lowe, T., Willman, M., Bulger, J., Schultz, A. S. B., Engel, A., Gagliano, A., Narayan, G., Soraisam, M., Wang, Q., Rest, A., Smartt, S. J., Smith, K. W., Alexander, K., Baldeschi, A., Blanchard, P., Coppejans, D., DeMarchi, L., Hajela, A., Jacobson-Galan, W., Margutti, R., Matthews, D., Stauffer, C., Stroh, M., Terreran, G., Drout, M., Auchettl, K. & Young Supernova Experiment (YSE), Y. S. E. (., 1 Jan 2020, In: Transient Name Server Discovery Report, No. 2020-76. 341

    Research output: Contribution to journalJournal articleResearchpeer-review

  3. Published

    Y Spectrophotometric analysis of gamma-ray burst afterglow extinction curves with X-Shooter

    Japelj, J., Covino, S., Gomboc, A., Vergani, S. D., Goldoni, P., Selsing, J., Cano, Z., D'Elia, V., Flores, H., Fynbo, Johan Peter Uldall, Hammer, F., Hjorth, Jens, Jakobsson, P., Kaper, L., Kopac, D., Kruehler, T., Melandri, A., Piranomonte, S., Sanchez-Ramirez, R., Tagliaferri, G., Tanvir, N. R., de Ugarte Postigo, A., Watson, Darach Jafar & Wijers, R. A. M. J., 1 Jul 2015, In: Astronomy & Astrophysics. 579, A74.

    Research output: Contribution to journalJournal articleResearchpeer-review

  4. Published

    XTE J1751-305

    Jonker, P. G., Nelemans, G., Groot, P. J., van der Klis, M., Hjorth, Jens, Delsanti, A., Stappers, B. & Calkins, M., 2002, In: International Astronomical Union. Central Bureau for Astronomical Telegrams. Circular. 7872, p. 1

    Research output: Contribution to journalJournal articleResearch

  5. Published

    XRF040701: optical observations at ESO

    Fynbo, Johan Peter Uldall, Hjorth, Jens & Jensen, B. L., 2004

    Research output: Other contributionResearch

  6. Published

    XRF030723: optical observations

    Jensen, B. L., Gorosabel, J., Hjorth, Jens, Vinter, C., Fynbo, Johan Peter Uldall & Vreeswijk, P. M., 2003

    Research output: Other contributionResearch

  7. Published

    XRF 050509C: optical afterglow

    Gorosabel, J., Jensen, B. L., Galaz, G., Salinas, R., Hjorth, Jens, Fynbo, Johan Peter Uldall, Pedersen, H., Watson, Darach Jafar, Jakobsson, P. & Castro Cerón, J. M., 2005

    Research output: Other contributionResearch

  8. Published

    XRF 050509C: optical monitoring

    Gorosabel, J., Hjorth, Jens, Jensen, B. L., Jørgensen, Uffe Gråe, Beaulieu, J., Cassan, A., Donatowicz, J., Watson, Darach Jafar, Fynbo, Johan Peter Uldall, Jakobsson, P., Castro Cerón, J. M. & Pedersen, H., 2005, -

    Research output: Other contributionResearch

  9. Published

    XRF 030723: VLT spectra

    Fynbo, Johan Peter Uldall, Hjorth, Jens, Gorosabel, J., Vreeswijk, P. M. & Rhoads, J. E., 2003

    Research output: Other contributionResearch

  10. Published

    XRF 030723: detection of the likely host galaxy

    Fynbo, Johan Peter Uldall, Hjorth, Jens, Jensen, B. L., Sollerman, J., Andersen, M. I. & Gorosabel, J., 2003

    Research output: Other contributionResearch

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