Jens Paaske

Jens Paaske

Associate Professor

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    Jens Paaske is Associate Professor in theoretical condensed matter physics. He is part of the Condensed Matter Theory group (CMT) and the Center for Quantum Devices (QDev) at NBI, and he has been head of the Condensed Matter Physics section at NBI since 2017.

    Primary fields of research

    My research is mainly focused on quantum many-body theory for solid state systems, such as superconductors and magnets. A central theme in my research has been low-temperature electron transport through nanoscopic quantum dots and single molecule junctions, with a special emphasis on strong correlation effects in systems out of equilibrium. This work is done in close collaboration with the experimental groups, both at NBI, and abroad. Other research interests include strongly driven interacting many-body systems,  frustrated magnetism, and quantum hybrid materials.

    Current research

    Three current focus areas with a few recent representative publications:

    Low-temperature quantum transport through Coulomb blockaded quantum dots and quantum impurities. Strong focus on localized magnetic moments, Kondo effects and Yu-Shiba-Rusinov states.


    Nematic order and frustrated magnetism in classical and quantum Heisenberg magnets. Special focus on superconductor/magnet hybrids, and coexistence phases with inhomogeneous order (Cryptoferromagnetism vs. FFLO).



    Quantum transport and phase transitions in strongly driven systems. What happens to ordered phases of matter when the system is strongly driven by intense time dependent fields? Will fx. magnetism be disrupted, or can long-ranged order and new phases of matter be stabilized by driving?




    Current teaching:

    Electrodynamics and Waves (EM2)

    Condensed Matter Theory II (CMT2)


    Earlier teaching:

    Linear Algebra & Classical Mechanics

    Quantum Mechanics for nano-sciences

    Analytical Mechanics

    Condensed Matter Theory I

    Condensed Matter Theory II

    Advanced Topics in Condensed Matter Physics

    Quantum Transport

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