Liselotte Jauffred

Liselotte Jauffred

Associate Professor

I am a physicist, working at the intersection of bacterial ecology and biophysics. My research aims to understand how the diversity of the microbial world arises in complex interplay between growth, cell-cell interactions, evolvement, and motility. The ultimate goal is to make mechanical models of population-level phenomena as spatio-genetic patterning in large cell communities, e.g., biofilms.

To achieve this, my group uses a multitude of imaging modalities, e.g., confocal scanning and light-sheet microscopy, in combination with measurements of force exertion, and in close collaboration with theoretical physicists, as well as biologists and geologists. Our research topics extend from biofilm formation to cancer spreading patterns, with a focus on the biophysical aspects of intra-cellular interactions and motility and how they regulate evolutionary dynamics, and vice versa.

I have received my BSc (math+phys), MSc and PhD degrees in Physics from the University of Copenhagen, with research stays in Budapest and Freiburg. I have done a postdoc at AMOLF in Amsterdam and another one at NanoLund, prior to being an Assistant Professor in the NNF Center LANTERN and then receiving a Sapere Aude + Inge Lehmann research leader grants to build up my group in the Bio-complexity section at the Niels Bohr Institute.

ID: 10002