Frederik Uldall

Frederik Uldall


Work experience

2007, Sep. - 2020, Mar. - Academic secretary/research administrator/course organiser/project manager, Department of Geoscience and Natural Resource Management, UCPH

Main affiliations:
(1) HOBE – Center for Hydrology – a Hydrological Observatory. (Closed)
(2) ICOS – Integrated Carbon Observation System.

Secondary affiliations:
(1) FIVA International School of Water Ressources (Closed).
(2) EVA - Forskningsbaseret efter- og videreuddannelse i vandressourcer (Closed).
(3) Hydrologiforum.
(4) Department of Geosciences and Natural Resource Management, University of Copenhagen.

2006, Jun. – 2006, Sep. - Occasional Research Assistant, LSE, London
E.g. translation of focus group discussions (Danish to English) for Dr. Michael T. Barr and Professor Nikolas Rose, for the research project: “Genome-based Therapeutic Drugs for Depression: Ethical, Legal and Social Issues”.

2005, Jan. – 2006, Mar. - Project Manager, KRING Technologies India PVT Ltd. Later renamed to: Initto Technologies India PVT
Project Manager for a team consisting of approx. 20 Indian employees. I.e., software developers, testers and designers in KRING Technologies’ offshore development centre in New Delhi (Gurgaon).

2004, Apr. – 2004, Jul. - Project Assistant and CSR researcher, Nordic Partnership Secretariat, Copenhagen (closed)
Has conducted a review of the Nordic governments’ follow-up on the agenda for Sustainable Consumption and Production agreed at the UN World Summit on Sustainable Development in Johannesburg, 2002. Has in this connection interviewed 12 representatives from Nordic ministries and the Nordic Council of Ministers. Has participated in organising the seminar: “Sustainable Production and Consumption – where is the current agenda, and how can it be made attractive to business? A high-level multi-stakeholder workshop.”, June 2004.

2002, Oct. – 2003, Oct. - Research Assistant and Pre-Doc, Copenhagen Business School
Center for Corporate Values and Responsibility, Department of Intercultural Communication and Management. Renamed to CBS Sustainability, Department of Management, Society and Communication.

1997, Oct. – 2001, Feb. - Assistant Desk Officer, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark
Department for United Nations Development Assistance.
Administration of foreign aid to UN’s development organisations (e.g. ILO, UNESCO, UNAIDS, and WHO) and to several international and Danish NGOs (e.g. Fagbevægelsens Ulandssekretariat). Duties included making budgets, handling disbursements, doing accounting, writing policy papers, and monitoring the organisations.

2001 M.Sc., Human Geography, Department of Geosciences and Natural Resource Management, University of Copenhagen. (5 year workload). 
Unpublished thesis: Natursyn under forandring? (Changes in the Perceptions of Nature?) Research questions: How were perceptions of nature socially constructed in the past? How are perceptions of nature socially constructed in contemporary society? Analytical framework: Discourse analysis. Case study: The industrial symbiosis in Kalundborg, Denmark. Method: In-depth interviews with company representatives and other stakeholders.
2000 Minor in Social Science, Department of Political Science, University of Copenhagen. (1½ year workload)
Courses completed: Sociology, economics, political science, public administration, international politics, and intro course to political science.
Scientific teaching experience

2009-2010 Occasional guest lecturer on the course Philosophy of Science at the Department of Geosciences and Natural Resource Management, University of Copenhagen.
Presentations consisted of an overview of the history of science, and changes in the perceptions of nature, from the pre-modern era, through the renaissance and the enlightenment, to modern times



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