Lars Holm Øgendal

Lars Holm Øgendal

Lektor emeritus

C.V. for Lars Holm Øgendal

Born 1951 in Brande

1986:          M.Sc. in physics (major) og mathematics (minor) from
                    University of Copenhagen.

1993:          Ph.D. in Biophysics from The Royal Veterinary and Agricultural
                    University (KVL) - now University of Copenhagen.


1986-1988: Research assistant at Department of Meat Technology and Process Engineering, KVL.

1988-1992: PhD student/ Research assistant at Department of Mathematics and Physics, KVL.

1992-1996: Research assistant (from January 95 assistant professor) at Center for Food Research, KVL

1997-2012: Associate professor (tenure from 1 January 2000) at Department of Mathematics and Physics, KVL  (later, Department of Basic Sciences and Environment, University of Copenhagen).
2012-now: Associate professor at The Niels Bohr Institute, University of Copenhagen

2000-2002: Part time employment as Research Scientist at Torsana Diabetes Diagnostics. Part time leave of absence from KVL.

Board memberships:

2001-2008: Member of the Study Committee for Veterinary Science.
2016-now: Member of the Study Committee for Physics, Chemistry and Nanoscience

Teaching at KVL/University of Copenhagen:

Courses where I am/was course coordinator (course reponsible):

1994-1995:    Process Engineering
1997-now:      Biophysics (for students of agronomy and biology/biotehchnolgy)
2000-2007:    Veterinary Biophysics (not 2006).
2012-2015:    Veterinary Biophysics (not 2006).
2005-2007:    Molecular Biophysics.
2008-now:      Climate, Weather and Plants.
2016-now:      Food Physics.

Courses where I was not the course coordinator:
1989-1992:   Biophysics
1989-1991:   Veterinary Biophysics
1993:             Veterinary Biophysics
1996:             Biophysics
1992-2004:   Molecular Biophysics
1992-2005:   Physical Methods in Biology
2006-2007:   Nanobiotechnology
2006:             Chemistry (Biophysics module)
2009+2016:  Climate Management
2011+2013:  Plant Polysaccharides: Biology, Structure and Applications
2014-now :    Advanced Carbohydrate Technologies
2015-now :    Food colloids
2016:             Food Chemistry
2011:             PhD course, FOOD PROTEINS: Significance, Reactions and Modifications

Other teaching activities outside Faculty of Life Sciences:
2007-2008: Structural Tools in Nano Science
Regularly teaching on cross institutional PhD courses:
Methods in Soft Materials Science
Molecular Biophysics

2005: "Teacher of the Year"-prize awarded by the students at KVL
2019: "The Jens Martin Knudsen teaching prize
2019: "The Faculty of Science teacher of the Year"-prize

Married to Cathrine Blicher. Four children, born 1976, 1978, 1982 and 1994

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