Mogens Høgh Jensen

Mogens Høgh Jensen


 We study complex phenomena in nature in a broad sense. In particular we have investigated chaos, fractals and oscillations in non-linear systems. With collaborators at the University of Chicago we introduced the multifractal formalism which has been applied to a large variety of systems in science and nature. A main interest has been to study intermittency in turbulence, in particular using shells models.

We introduced the inverse structure functions in turbulence and have applied similar ideas to introduce inverse statistics on financial time series, discovering the asymmetry of financial markets. In recent years we have worked on genetic networks in particular relating to the important transcription factors p53, NF-kB and Wnt. These are fundamental regulators in DNA-repair, apoptosis and inflammation and show often oscillatory behavior. In this connection we study how oscillatory external stimuli might induce chaos and mode-locking inside cells. In particular we are interested in cases where Arnold tongues appear and their influence on biological properties.

We also investigate the pathway of the WRN helicase and its relation to the p53 regulation. We are in particular interested in how temporal and spatial behaviors interact in genetic regulation, both inside cells and during tissue growth. We do research on population genetics of plankton and bacteria in strongly turbulent flows. In particular how the different species will out-compete each other due to the turbulent behavior. As an overall theme for our present research we are interested in complex behavior from small scales (cells) to large scales (oceans and atmosphere).

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