Quantum manipulation of a two-level mechanical system

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We consider a nonlinearly coupled electromechanical system, and develop a quantitative theory for two-phonon cooling. In the presence of two-phonon cooling, the mechanical Hilbert space is effectively reduced to its ground and first excited states, allowing for quantum operations at the level of individual phonons and preparing nonclassical mechanical states with negative Wigner functions. We propose a scheme for performing arbitrary Bloch sphere rotations, and derive the fidelity in the specific case of a π -pulse. We characterise detrimental processes that reduce the coherence in the system, and demonstrate that our scheme can be implemented in state-of-the-art electromechanical devices.
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StatusUdgivet - 2023

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Funding Information:
S. C. thanks Christine Muschik for hosting at the University of Waterloo, where most of the research activity was conducted, and Jan F. Haase for valuable theoretical input. We thank Marco and Emanuele Grimaldo for fruitful discussions, and two anonymous Reviewers for valuable comments about the manuscript. This work has been supported by Transformative Quantum Technologies Program (CFREF), NSERC and the New Frontiers in Research Fund. S. C. and O. K. acknowledge the support from UK EPSRC New Investigator Award under the Agreement No. EP/ V00171X/1. A. S. S. acknowledges financial support by Danish National Research Foundation (Center of Excellence Hy-Q), and L. D. by the EPSRC quantum career development grant EP/ W028301/1.

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