Jose Maria Ezquiaga

Jose Maria Ezquiaga


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    Jose M. Ezquiaga joined NBIA as an Assistant Professor in 2022.  Previously, he was a NASA Einstein Fellow at the University of Chicago. He obtained his PhD from Universidad Autonoma de Madrid in 2019. Jose exploits gravitational wave data to explore uncharted regions of the Universe. His research lies at the intersection of fundamental physics, cosmology and astrophysics and aims at probing gravity and unveiling the nature of dark energy and dark matter. Jose is member of international collaborations such as LIGO, LISA and Cosmic Explorer.

    Udvalgte publikationer

    1. Spectral Sirens: Cosmology from the Full Mass Distribution of Compact Binaries

      Ezquiaga, Jose Maria & Holz, D. E., 5 aug. 2022, I: Physical Review Letters. 129, 6, 6 s., 061102.

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