Collective super- and subradiant dynamics between distant optical quantum emitters

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Photon emission is the hallmark of light-matter interaction and the foundation of photonic quantum science, enabling advanced sources for quantum communication and computing. Although single-emitter radiation can be tailored by the photonic environment, the introduction of multiple emitters extends this picture. A fundamental challenge, however, is that the radiative dipole-dipole coupling rapidly decays with spatial separation, typically within a fraction of the optical wavelength. We realize distant dipole-dipole radiative coupling with pairs of solid-state optical quantum emitters embedded in a nanophotonic waveguide. We dynamically probe the collective response and identify both super- and subradiant emission as well as means to control the dynamics by proper excitation techniques. Our work constitutes a foundational step toward multiemitter applications for scalable quantum-information processing.

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Publication statusPublished - 2023

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