Lifetimes and Quantum Efficiencies of Quantum Dots Deterministically Positioned in Photonic-Crystal Waveguides

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  • Xiao-Liu Chu
  • Tommaso Pregnolato
  • Ruediger Schott
  • Andreas D. Wieck
  • Arne Ludwig
  • Nir Rotenberg
  • Lodahl, Peter

Interfacing single emitters and photonic nanostructures enables modifying their emission properties, such as enhancing individual decay rates or controlling the emission direction. To achieve full control, the single emitter must be positioned in the nanostructures deterministically. Here, spectroscopy is used to gain spectral and spatial information about individual quantum dots (QD) in order to position each emitter in a predetermined location in a unit cell of a photonic-crystal waveguide (PhCW). Depending on the spatial and spectral positioning within the structured nanophotonic mode, the quantum dot emission is observed to either be suppressed or enhanced. These results represent an important step towards unlocking the full potential of nanophotonic systems and will be crucial to the creation of complex multi-emitter quantum photonic circuits.

Original languageEnglish
Article number2000026
JournalAdvanced Quantum Technologies
Issue number11
Number of pages7
Publication statusPublished - 1 Nov 2020

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  • nanofabrication, quantum dots, quantum nanophotonics, single-photon sources, SLOW-LIGHT, EMISSION, EMITTER


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