You Zhou

You Zhou


Dr. You, Zhou, Associate Professor at Niels Bohr Institute, is the Principal Investigator on Villum Young Investigator Program “Creating a smallest droplet of early universe in the Laboratory” to search for the smallest droplet universe at CERN.

Dr. You Zhou is an experimental high-energy nuclear physicist at the Niels Bohr Institute, University of Copenhagen. Since 2010, he has been engaged in studies of Quark-Gluon Plasma using the Large Hadron Collider at CERN, mainly using the extraordinary phenomena of anisotropic expansion of the created particles to probe the properties of the QGP. He has been one of the most productive ALICE members in terms of the number of primary author publications, and also contributed to many theory papers, together with leading theoreticians. His research received multiple funding supports from Carlsberg Foundation, Villum Foundation, and Independent Research Fund Denmark (DFF-Sapere Aude).

Dr. You Zhou had been the Physics Analysis Group Flow coordinator in ALICE for 2015-2018 and was promoted to the convener of the entire Physics Working Group Correlation and Flow (PWG-CF) for 2018-2020. He chaired several international conferences/workshops and was also co-convener of multiple sessions in large international conferences (including the European Physical Society conference for high energy physics and the International Nuclear Physics Conference). He will bring one of the largest international conferences in the heavy-ion physics “Initial Stages” to Copenhagen in 2023.

Dr. You Zhou is also enthusiastic about teaching and supervision at the University of Copenhagen. He supervises students from the first-year bachelor project to the Ph.D. projects. He is also giving many lectures both at NBI and the international schools.


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