Jørgen Beck Hansen

Jørgen Beck Hansen


Curriculum vitae for Jørgen Beck Hansen
31 December 1968, Copenhagen, Denmark
Nationality : Danish
Civil status : Married, 2 children
Address :  Niels Bohr Institute
Blegdamsvej 17
DK-2100 København Ø
Telephone  : +45 35325446
E-mail : beck@nbi.dk
Danish+English: Fluent, French: good, “Scandinavian”: Conversant


12/1996  04/1993
Niels Bohr Institute, University of  Copenhagen
University of Copenhagen
Ph.D. in Particle Physics
M.Sc. In Physics
Professional career

02/2006 –
Niels Bohr Institute (NBI)
Skou Stipend (Ass. Professor) from the Danish natural science council.
•    Physics beyond the Standard Model with the ATLAS detector:  Exotic heavy particles, extra dimensions and non-commutative geometry
•    Deploying and developing the NBI ATLAS distributed computing facilities – GRID – together with the Danish NORDUGRID team
•    Software development for the ATLAS TRT calibration
04/2004 – 01/2006
NBI and European center for particle Physics (CERN)(Geneva, Switzerland)
Research associate stationed at CERN. Work focused on
•    Participation in  ATLAS data-challenges
•    Development of particle identification algorithms
•    Studies of exotic heavy particles with the ATLAS detector
•    Feasibility study of remote farm ``real-time'' triggering via GRID
09/1999 – 03/2004
Research staff in the ALEPH and ATLAS collaborations. Activities
•    Convener of the Gauge-Boson Coupling group in ALEPH
•    Convener of ATLAS e/gamma performance groups
•    ATLAS barrel electromagnetic calorimeter assembly
•    Studies of boson couplings in ATLAS and ALEPH
•    Software development for e/gamma in the ATLAS reconstruction framework
•    Development of the HepMC++ event record
•    Principal creator of ALEPH WW analysis framework and WW reconstruction
•    Contributor and core editor of the “ATLAS Detector and Physics performance” Technical Design Report (1000 pages)
•    Member of the LEP electroweak working group
04/1997 – 08/1999
Research fellow in the ALEPH collaboration. Involvement covered
•    Convener of the Triple Gauge-Boson Coupling group in ALEPH
•    Analyses of ALEPH W data
•    Calibration and performance studies of the ATLAS Electromagnetic calorimeter
12/1996 – 03/1997
Research assistant. Contributed to
•    Preparation of Hera-B trigger farm
•    Study of boson couplings at a future Linear Collider
04/1993 – 08/1993
Research assistant
Committee work

2004 –
 Danish representative in ACCU – Advisory Committee for CERN Users


2006 –  
University of Copenhagen (NBI)
Lecturer and instructor
1999 –2005
Supervision of Fellows, Ph.D.'s and summer students
1998 –1999
Summer student advisor
1993 –1996
University of Copenhagen (NBI)
Instructor in undergraduate courses
Since 2004: Supervision of students: 5 Summer students, 2 Ph.D., 4 master, and 10 bachelor students

Scientific publications

236 articles in refereed journals. Citations (SPIRES): 9507, with 1 (500+), 3 (250+), 11 (100+), 35 (50+), 145 (10+) and Hirsch-index: 50. Plus numerous notes and conference proceedings.


Multiple presentations at international conferences/workshops on physics results with ALEPH and ATLAS experiments and on the ATLAS detector.


Major designer of, and contributor to, the Danish “Cosmic Rays at Schools” project.
At NBI I have given several public lectures and appeared in numerous radio and television programs. Author of popular science articles.
Initiated (interviews) articles in Danish newspapers (“Børsen” and “Berlingske Tidende”) and magazine (“Illustreret Videnskab”), among others.

At CERN I participated in several visits of government officials from Denmark and organized  numerous visits of high-schools classes and teachers.



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