Helle Astrid Kjær

Helle Astrid Kjær


Ice cores offer an unique archive for past climate and environment. I develop methods for the continuous detection (CFA) of chemicals in ice cores. I have amongst others developed a method for the continuous detection of dissolved reactive phosphorus and a method for the continuous detection of pH in ice.

Currently my position is within the ERC funded ice2ice project. The project is on how sea ice and land ice effect each other. My contribution is CFA analysis of the new Greenland "ReCAP" ice core to try and inform on past climate variability, especially using sea ice proxies.

Outreach to the general public is a very important to me. I give several lectures on weather, climate change and ice cores for visiting high school students, university students and coming teachers every year. Furthermore I update the ice2ice project homepage: www.ice2ice.eu

I use my analytic science skills in combination with a lot of travel activity visiting institutions doing high quality ice core climate research such as the Desert Research Institute, Reno, Nevada, USA and the National Institute for polar research, Tokyo, Japan as well as the Antarctic Research Centre, Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand, not to mention out close collaboration with University of Bergen and UniReserach in Norway as part of ice2ice.

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