Mission and vision for the institute

At the Niels Bohr Institute, we focus on ensuring the best possible research and education environment. Among other things, we work through goals and action plans for the realization of improvement of the institute's educational and research environment.

The institute's mission:

We believe that you can only realize your full potential in a competitive global research environment through inclusion and diversity, which is why we have chosen to focus on openness, inclusion and diversity.

This is instrumental in realizing Niels Bohr's ambitions to conduct research and teaching at a high international level.

We strive to develop a diverse workforce in an engaged, innovative and open-minded culture where each employee's unique differences are valued.

The institute's vision:

We have a vision that focuses on a future-proof institute as an international leader in the research and education environment. The vision is characterized by:

  • To do basic research and education at the highest international level
  • To create innovation through research and education
  • To benefit our society and the private sector