Gender equality and diversity at NBI

At NBI, we consider diversity to be a significant factor and opportunity that can create an improved impact on NBI's teaching and research, both in the short and long term.

  • This means that we value the differences in our employees, and we appreciate the perspectives that they each contribute based on their gender, age, race, religion, ethnic origin, sexual orientation, education, personality, and perception of life.
  • We recognize every employee for his or her special abilities and competencies. This contributes to the individual employee's job satisfaction, promotes efficiency in task solution, and provides a better research environment.

Although NBI's overall efforts to remove barriers and promote gender equality are based on a broad diversity approach, NBI makes a special effort on the issue of gender equality. Our experience shows that there is still a need to tackle certain issues with a targeted effort.

Diversity contributes to innovation and NBI's continued development, at the same time promoting inclusiveness and tolerance, which creates a good teaching and working environment, and counteracts discrimination.

NBI is also of the opinion that a diversity-promoting policy from a societal perspective contributes to employing a number of different population groups, which helps to level out inequality and discrimination in society.

NBI’s mission

  • To help faculty members reach their full potential and to attract and recruit the absolute best candidates internationally.
  • To increase the proportion of female researchers in permanent positions at the associate professor and professor levels.
  • To ensure gender balance in promotions from associate professor to professor.
  • To create a modern and diverse working environment that makes it equally attractive for both genders to work at NBI.

Status in March 2021 & Targets

  • By 2030 35 % of associate professor at NBI are female Current: 20,5 % (7/34)
  • By 2030 30 % of professors at NBI are female Current: 13,8 % (5/36)